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Hey frognation,

Today I was scrolling on tiktok and saw a video about wonderland. At first they were talking about the APY etc, then they started it was a scam etc started fudding. This can mislead a lot of investors and so a lot or extra money that can be invested in time just dissapears because of these videos. Also tiktok is one of the hugest if not the biggest platforms out there, so there is a lot of influence over there. That is why I think it is really important that wonderlands starts a tiktok page. I already have an account and some experience on tiktok and a lot on crypto. Not a marketing expert but if it get big we can maybe fix an agency or something like that. But I can start running the tiktok page for now.
Some ideas that maybe would be nice for the page:

  1. Get a lot of creators on youtube, insta, tiktok, twitter etc that talk about crypto and especially wonderland, who also like the project. And get them to also post videos on tiktok, and make some exlusives. We can find creators by contacting them or by making a form and posting it on twitter or discord or both.

  2. Posting exlusive interviews with daniele. Also information videos on how to buy, what it is and maybe also on wMEMO because of the thousand same questions I see getting asked on discord :slight_smile: . Also we can post big announcements on there and updates.

  3. Making a place where community can post suggestions on what to post on the page and maybe other ways of promotion. This can be done on forum or at discord.

What I would need from wonderland:
For now I will do it for completly free, I only need help with promoting the tiktok so we can gain some following and engagement. Also to be able to use wonderlands name when contacting creators so I can be able to say that on behalf of wonderland we would like you to start posting videos on our page etc.

I think this can get a lot more investors into the project and not only spread FUD about wonderland and telling peolle it is a scam. I hope you guys can give some feedback, ideas and say if you would like this to happen.

Greetings, Danila

I think it’s a valid point. Not quite sure if TikTok is the right fitting, a lot of humans prefer to stay uninformed, ignorant and entertained.
But if there’s that much FUD, we should fight against it.

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Tik Tok algorithm needs a lot of posts each day, doesn’t it? I’d be afraid of fighting noise with more noise. That goes for influencers as well – it’s impossible to match the volume and noise from crypto Tik Tok.

If the Wonderland Tik Tok just had a few pinned videos going into the recent investments, and just for new announcements, I think that would be good enough.

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