$TIME Airdrop for stakers

Suggesting Sifu uses a 5-10% of the treasury ($40-80m) for a $TIME airdrop given to the people who were bullish on this ecosystem before a specified date.


  • Word spreads rapidly about airdrops
  • Builds loyalty and spreads $TIME to a wider user base
  • Encourages recipients to educate themselves about $TIME, giving them a feeling of having a real stake in the future of Wonderland
  • Builds a future incentive for people to stake $TIME for $MEMO
  • People love money


  • Deciding how much $TIME to give out is not easy
  • Issuing too many tokens will dilute $TIME’s value
  • A lot of people who receive airdrops will turn around and sell them the moment they become “tradeable”

Possible formula for amount of $TIME given:
((# of days staked without withdraw) / (# of days since Sept 1)) * (total supply)

Obviously that formula would not work, and I’m not good with formulas, but I encourage everyone to add a suggestions to what they believe would be a conservative formula.

IE. “Only give to people who 9,9” or “Add 7% on top of total airdrop to people who staked longer than 45 days without withdraw” etc

With love,
<3 Rosalina


Honestly, I don’t see much benefits other than some people will get extra TIME as a rewards for being supporting of the project.

This might be right, but based on how you want the airdrop to work, newcomers wouldn’t get anything. So, not sure this is really that much of a pro unless the people it attracts come expecting another one later on.

Is loyalty an issue ? This project is basically built on Frog Nation loyalty.

How ? Feels more like it gives an extra reason for APY chasers to ape in and paper hand after they got something.

Majority of TIME is already staked.

While that is true, not sure it’s an Airdrop “pro” lol

Personally I feel like Sifu can use these treasury funds in a more meaningful way, but the DAO will decide I guess.


People who were bullish early have been rewarded with rebases and are doing fine. Use Treasury to generate revenue for the entire DAO.



Early staker here. Relatively I’m already at an advantage, and if that advantage grows in favour for “loyalists” I can see how that would turn into a negative for the entire group, putting stress on the price, treasury, etc. Its not beneficial, in my opinion.


Don’t turn this into jade I vote no


U just want free money has no benefit to protocol my Vote is a Big !No!

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It’s a long time TIME stake but I changed my metamask account a while ago and sent the time to the new account. Has my longterm time advantage decreased?

If the Airdrop is based on how much memo you have, then it shouldn’t.

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