TIME Branding after switch focus to wMemo

Hi All,

It was indicated in today’s AMA that Daniel and leaders of Wonderland eventually intend to move away from the TIME token entirely.

However, this would mean that wMemo would be the main token of this ecosystem.

My main concern is that switching to wMemo will confuse new users to enter into the ecosystem as there is already a lot of marketing material about TIME spreaded throughout the web.

Therefore i would like to propose that if we are eventually moving away from TIME token entirely, that we change the name of MEMO/wMemo to TIME/wTIME.

This way we can keep the branding and the value that the TIME brand has.
I personally also like the original name of TIME token, as it implies that holding it for longer yields more profit for the investor.

This may be a dumb idea as i do not have a whole understanding of details but would appreciate to see how others feel.


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I get what you are saying, but I think it would create the opposite effect. The wMEMO “expansion” is already starting. By the time we get right of TIME, wMEMO would have been around for a while. Switching it to TIME/wTIME would create extra confusion on all the past content.

wMEMO was always around, people just didnt know about it and they got confused by its existence. Now you would be adding a completly new token (wTIME) and totally changing how the “main one” does (TIME). No way people wouldnt be even more confused of they look stuff up.

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It is official already, wMEMO has an entry as Wonderful Memories, what we need is better PR

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