Time gone - Memo appeared - but not enough to Wrap


I logged into Wonderland today and connected my MetaMask wallet and saw that my Time had disappeared and wallet was showing Memo, so I guess it was automatically converted to Memo.

After reading some posts on this forum it would appear that I need to convert / swap my Memo to wMemo however when I try to do this I get the message " Insufficient balance to make a transaction"

I have 9.414624955 in my wallet - does anyone know the minimum amount of Memo I need to wrap / convert to wMemo?

Hey! No minimum.

You can follow the instructions provided by @smilbur here:

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when you change from memo to wmemo, this has a cost that is deducted from a balance that is left for this purpose, in my case the discount (which is minimal) was made from my balance in Avalanche

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Hi im trying to do this but it is still saying insufficient balance any help please?(Balance is the same as above I just enetered MAX) Perhaps I need AVAX in my wallet to do this?

Hey! You do need AVAX, we recommend at least 0.1 AVAX, but the actual cost should be less.


I also have lost my TIME and it is not appearing in Wonderland Bridge section any longer. If I wish to sell my MEMO (that is somewhere) do I first need to convert it to wMemo or can I sell MEMO as is?

Try the information below:

If I want to sell my Memo, what are the steps involved please to get them back into AVAX?

Follow above to wrap it to wMEMO and use Kyberswap to sell for AVAX.

Thanks I followed the instructions and all work out. Thanks again.

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I wrapped the memo to wMemo but now there is nothing displaying of either in the account? I disconnected and then reconnected metamask but nothing is showing?

Can you share your address ? Will be easier for us to double check.

Seems to have worked now. I have wMemo.

Ok. Can someone in layman terms explain to me what my options are now and the benefits of doing so? Farming? What is that and should I do it? If I leave it as just wMemo, will it increase or not?

It’s very simple.

If you don’t farm, you are just holding wMEMO. You only make money off the price going up. It doesn’t increase.

If you farm, you can claim extra tokens over time. Right now it’s BSGG, but it could be pretty much anything. Currently the APR is around 23%. Plus, you still get the benefits of the price going up if it does.

Essentially, there is no reason not to farm.
Of course, just like anything in crypto, there are smart contract risks.


Thanks for your message NaIX

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