Time in a Bottle

Wonderland wants to make complimentary functions like rev share and “collateralized saving” for each chain it is on, but they want to do it in a way that consolidates the profits of their investments.

This is smart because

a. Each layer one has its own protocols that are unique to the platform that is built on, and investing
in the right ones with some real money will produce massive profit if properly managed.

b. Being a single and uniquely interconnected defi protocol tied together with its own bridge, staking, and farm abilities is a very attractive thought because the value of wmemo is not tied to any market or specific strategy of investment. We make our money by literally holding our money and
developing a system over time as we expand and layer scalability with volume.

c. It is a win win because the plan is to fundamentally help other protocols make money
to make us money. Likely they invest in wonderland if wonderland invests in them.

Everyone already knows who we are, and we have the capacity to make a difference not only for ourselves, but the whole industry.

Reliable Yield is what keeps the boat floating, without that we rely on others to invest. Stable interest keeps customers, wmemo is a yield bearing asset without the nonsense.

the price of wmemo should be stable as rev share improves, a higher return is better than an increasing price.

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