TIME just dropped under $1000. Currently $993

What happened? Did Daniele get hit by a truck?

I bridged in all my spare money, sold other shares at a loss, sold good prospects, just to get some more TIME.

Hopefully this was just a glitch and the project isn’t done.

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I believe it’s another liquidation cascade… Idk what the future holds, but I’m never selling!


Same here. I’m not selling. I need to look into selling some organs to buy at this price.

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Is the best deal buying TIME or wMEMO right now? or is there no arbitrage?

Yeah, Leveraged trades started a cascade

I was too lazy to look into how to (9,9). Not reading the manual is the long play.

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I will probably buy some more when the price stabilizes for a bit. maybe when its in a range than in a free-fall

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I bought when it was $8.5k, $5.4k, $4.4k, just recently at $1.9k and now at $950. I only just got my dollar cost average down to break even. That was because I sold off virtually all my other investments to take advantage of the drop.