Time price stabilization

Obviously Time is currently inflationary and price pressure causes drops.

However, I would like to hear discussion on another price issue! As a “small” investor it is really irritating to see institutions and whales manipulate Wonderland and Time!

I do not begin to understand the complexities of it all, but I am wondering why some changes can’t be implemented.

  1. You do not get rebases or other rewards unless the staking has been in place for X period of time to prevent drop in collect drop out profiteers for hurting Frog Nation.

  2. Could a limit be place on withdrawals of just say $100k per day to again prevent whales from hurting all of us?

It just seems to me if this manipulation crap was slowed down we would all benefit!

I understand the feeling, just remember that this is a long term play. Current price swings are irrelevant (unless you are taking profit of course).

As for why nothing is being done, I suggest you search for the countless post suggesting locking period or things similar to yours.

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Short answers:

  1. rebases are no rewards for holding but compensations for dilution. Additionally you can easily dodge this limitation by trading wMemo. Since it is prestaked you can earn the 8h reward for holding just 1 minute.
  2. Those are usually signs of illiquidity and educated money would leave the project. If I withdrew 200k within two days wouldn’t change the situation dramatically compared to withdrawing it at once, would it?
    I am in crypto to be free and have unlimited options if I want regulations I will go back to stocks.

Financial markets are tough business it is no charity - where there are winners there will be losers. We need to understand that.

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