TIME Token gone?

Hi there, In december we bought 0,09 TIME token and staked it. I’ve not logged in for a while but today I saw that my account is empty. What is going wrong here?

  • If you staked $TIME tokens then, you received 1:1 pegged $MEMO tokens in return; sort of like a receipt token for staking your $Time. You should see $Memo (equal in amount to your current, rebased $Time) in your wallet.

  • This way, staking $Time was already liquid staking from the start, since you had 1:1 pegged receipt tokens in the form of $Memo, and you could just trade and exchange those $Memo tokens in the market, which is the definition of liquid staking.

  • People only realized it a little too late that they established a liquid staking treasury mechanism, and when they did, they introduced $wMemo (Wrapped Memo). You can use the Wrap button on the top-right corner of the Wonderland page to wrap your $Memo into $wMemo.

  • Unlike the pegged $Time-$Memo pair, $wMemo does not show a variable token amount in your wallet, increasing at every rebase, although it does include the rebase, since there is no other place that the rebase goes.

  • $TIME token has been abandoned months ago; it’s been effectively illiquid. From what I understand, this also means $MEMO is abandoned & illiquid as well, since $Time and $Memo were basically the two sides of the same coin; only working with one another on the other side of every equation. (See here: https://twitter.com/danielesesta/status/1496409950935031809)

  • $wMemo is basically the main treasury token right now. $wMemo is literally $Memo (staked $Time) without the token amount periodically changing every 8 hours.

  • $Memo & $Time were announced obsolete after the introduction of $wMemo. You’ll probably want to either wrap your $Memo to $wMemo, or sell your $Memo in the market, or get max-degen market profits by manipulate price in small exchanges by making use of your overwhelming share of the diminished, almost-nonexistent $Time-$Memo trading volumes.

When you stake TIME, you get MEMO. Did you add MEMO to your wallet ? And do you still have any ?

You could also check your address on snowtrace.io to see if there are any transaction that you don’t recognize. You wallet could be compromised.

I don’t have any MEMO anymore. I do see some transfer on snowtrace from a month ago that I didn’t recognize. I’m afraid the money is gone :cry:

If those were not made by you, then yes :frowning:

Consider investing in a hardware wallet if you are serious about crypto

Can you refer me to wonderland admin?
Here is my address