Time Wonderland treasury gold mirror protocol partial backing proposal

Using gold in the basket of assets backing time wonderland

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Allocating a percentage of treasury funds to buy gold options using a crypto “mirror protocol”

The objective is to gain publicity for time wonderland as a good crypto investment in the case
of a global market crash or wider crypto market crash, legitimization, and causing a rally by attracting traditional investors and venture capital.

I believe there is a possibility including gold options in the basket of assets will generate significant media and investor attention and would change the views of many traditional investors unwilling to venture into crypto to do so. Many do not see cryptocurrencies as a good store of value during a global economic meltdown/ recession or market crash.

Many Investors have legitimate concerns that crypto is a bubble that will eventually pop without significant utility and would crash during significant market instability. My argument is until time wonderland has significantly more utility tying parts of the treasuries’ value to a crypto gold mirror protocol would make time wonderland unique and alleviate investors’ concerns of a price collapse caused by a wider crypto market downturn and outside market instability. Traditional investors and venture capitalists will invest in cryptocurrencies which ties some of it’s value to gold. Reasoning - while in the future time wonderland may have utility in the metaverse and future crypto assets ecosystems not tied to traditional currencies - and “who knows - “Island nations” on ships legally allowed to be created in international waters could use utilize existing cryptocurrencies, etc”; and time wonderland does have the advantage of being the largest Dao. This is a long way off and with inflation, poverty, and other sources of instability around the corner worldwide it is advantageous to utilize gold’s name to prevent a crash. Many people will not have stimulus checks and other significant sources of income to blow on the hottest new cryptocurrencies anymore and require more justification to park funds in crypto. We need utility, legitimization, bigger investors when smaller investors’ excess funds dry up because of inflation, higher rent, and mass unemployment. This could be the spark to reinvigorate time wonderland causing a rally to previous highs and beyond - an innovative game-changer.


I do not believe gold is a speculative asset compared to most cryptos and other markets, during a global market crash or depression gold rises while speculative markets are reduced in value. Allocating a percentage of the treasury to gold is a hedge against market instability, attracting venture capital and larger investors unwilling to invest in other cryptocurrencies because of the belief most crypto is a bubble, in the case of a crypto market crash time wonderland will have an unparalleled advantage compared to other crypto’s not partially backed by gold causing believers in the concept of crypto to swap for time wonderland while the broader crypto market goes down keeping the dream alive. Either way, time wonderland benefits and is legitimized until more utility is gained

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Present the requirements to implement the proposal.

  1. Create a gold mirror protocol or find one
  2. Vote on what percentage of the treasury to allocate to parts of the protocol.
  3. Get the team to contact media companies
  4. Offer certain CEOs’ management positions on the team to generate publicity via contacting media, perhaps Elon Musk. The largest Dao with high growth potential carries significant weight, better to try than not to try and will gain significant publicity.
  5. Daniele interviewed
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While gold is not a speculative asset, options on gold are most certainly speculative as they suffer from time decay therefore eliminating the option of “buy and hold”. One cannot hold a decaying asset. Thus it is highly speculative.

I do agree with the intent of your proposal, but not with the execution of it. Perhaps resubmit without including a derivative of gold and instead an asset that is directly correlated with gold without the time decay.

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You are correct, gold options are speculative and on reflection, gold mining ETFs are directly correlated with gold and a better option. Will resubmit

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