[TMP #1] Approval to increase the treasury exposure limit on UWU Lend to 16%

[TMP #1] Approval to increase the treasury exposure limit on UWU Lend to 16%

Request DAO approval to increase the exposure limit to UWU Lend to 16% of the total treasury until voted otherwise by the Treasury Council or DAO.

Current Governance Limitations:
By voting yes on this proposal, the DAO would be giving permission to exceed the 10% protocol exposure limit in the Treasury Allocation Proposal (WIP #26).


Keep our existing UWU exposure in the farms up to the 16% allocation limit.
Allow the Treasury Council to adjust the allocations within UWU.
Exclude UWU tokens held and provided LP from the exposure.

It is believed that it would be in Wonderland’s favor to maintain a sizable treasury allocation on UWU Lend farms while the yields are high, since there are currently limited high yielding farms in DeFi.


Voting options:

  • Approve Increased Exposure
  • Deny Increased Exposure

UWU Lend Background:
UWU Lend is a liquidity market that offers depositing and borrowing and is forked from AAVE v2. Users earn interest on deposits and pay interest to borrow. The protocol was founded and is actively managed by Sifu. Wonderland is currently supplying DAI, USDT, and Sifu in the UWU Lend farms. We are borrowing DAI and USDT for looping, with a Health Rate of 1.20.

Price Risk:
UWU price could continue to drop and farmed tokens need to be vested for 4 weeks to not incur a penalty fee.

Smart Contract Risk:
UWU is a fork of AAVE v2. While UWU has not undergone its own audit yet, it is forked from audited code.


UPDATE: Per SIfu, “UwU has undergone its own independent audit with peckshield. Waiting for formal writeup, can publish soon.”


I’m sure there are no issues with the audit but hopefully it gets published before the vote passes. Peckshield is not the greatest auditing firm out there but it gives some piece of mind. Without Sifu I would be strongly against this.


The treasury is currently only getting 9.6% on DAI and 7.4% on USDT paid out in locked UwU tokens. Given that there’s a lot of unallocated treasury still, I’m still in favor of this, but it’s really cutting it close. At this point I wouldn’t consider it a farming position but more of an investment.


Emissions are redirected daily as needed based on utilization. You must have checked between updates in a high utilization pool, Dai looping yield alone is over 22%.

There’s a difference between what Wonderland COULD be earning and what they ARE earning with their actual position.

I’m stating what yield Wonderland IS getting, (although if they full sent it they could be getting the yields you’ve said).

That all said, after the events of yesterday Wonderland is now getting ~20% between the 2 positions anyway kek (although a discount should probably be applied due to the lock period).

[TMP #1] - Approval to Increase the Treasury Allocation Limit on UwU Lend to 16% did not pass.