[TMP #6] Upcoming Redemption Extension

[TMP #6] Upcoming Redemption Extension


Request DAO approval to temporarily extend the upcoming redemption period.

Current Governance Limitations:

As per WIP #9, the following timeframes were established:

While the established timeline could be followed, given that an extended redemption period may affect the team’s ability to deploy funds and that the changes are only temporary, a TMP is being used to assist the management team and treasury personnel with decision making by having the DAO review the proposal and make the final decision.


  • Extend the whitelist period to 10 days (240h).
  • Extend the redemption period to 7 days (168h).


The redemption falls into the holiday period for a lot of holders and the limited timeframe may prevent those away from home the opportunity to redeem. An extension would allow more time for holders to whitelist and redeem.

The proposed timeline would look like this:

  • Redemption breakdown and estimate posted no later than December 19th.
  • Whitelist opening December 20th and closing on December 30th.
  • Treasury preparation December 30th to January 1st.
  • Redemption window opening January 1st and closing on January 8th.

There will be no changes on how the redemption will be completed other than these extended timeframes.



Voting options:

  • Approve Extension
  • Deny Extension


The main risk by extending these timeframes is that treasury funds may have to remain idle longer than usual and limit some deployment opportunities.

However, with the current treasury allocation, the extension should have limited to no impact on funds being deployed.

[TMP #6] - Upcoming Redemption Extension was approved with 89.55% of votes in favor.

The Redemption Whitelist is now scheduled to open on the 20th of December until 30th December. The Redemption will begin 1st January and remain open for seven days. This will allow all holders who wish to redeem the opportunity to do so amidst the busy holiday season! :snowflake: