[TMP #8.1] Purchase LUSD and Invest in Chicken Bonds

[TMP #8.1] Purchase LUSD and Invest in Chicken Bonds


Request DAO approval to purchase an additional $3mm in Chicken Bonds

Current Governance Limitations:

WIP #28:

[…] the Risk Officer will now identify and share with the Treasury Council the risks associated with each strategy prior to the council’s vote […]

A TMP is being used to assist treasury personnel with decision making by having the DAO review the proposal, assess the risks and make the final decision.


  • Purchase $3mm LUSD and deploy through Chicken Bonds.


The Wonderland Treasury still has a lot of unallocated funds and given the current market conditions there are limited opportunities. It is believed that the nature of this proposal is relatively safe and will provide decent returns while waiting for market conditions to improve.

This is a fairly straightforward stable farm strategy with relatively low risk. In the absence of a Risk Officer, the DAO is being asked to accept the risk by providing its approval.


Wonderland currently has roughly $7mm in Chicken Bonds deployed and Treasury Operators (TO) are seeking DAO approval to deploy an additional $3mm (for a total of $10mm).

The purchase of LUSD will be made in small amounts (e.g. $500,000 to $1mm) to minimize slippage, and timed to take advantage of price dips in LUSD.Total allocation deployment may take a few days to take advantage of dips in the price of LUSD. The LUSD will be used for depositing and creating Chicken Bonds (using Liquity.app) as LUSD is accrued.

Example bonding yield scenario:

While a Chicken Bond has no end date, it does present a few milestones (e.g. break even date & optimal rebond date). This bond could be canceled at any time to recover the initially deposited LUSD.

Wonderland deposits $1,000,000 LUSD to create a Chicken Bond on December 28th.

Break-even date would be Jan 24th.

Rebond date would be February 11th.

Estimated yield would be 25.98% Max APR under current market prices assuming continuous bonding and claiming at the rebond time.

Assuming an investment of $3mm and a yield of 25.98% APR , Wonderland would achieve a yield of $2136 per day.

Realized yield may fluctuate based on a wide variety of factors. The Treasury Operators will monitor the positions to maximize profitability and manage risk.

Chicken Bonds Background:

Chicken Bonds is a novel bonding mechanism which allows protocols to bootstrap liquidity at minimal cost and provides better user protection than existing bonding alternatives.

Bonding offers an amplified yield-earning opportunity for LUSD holders. Holders can “Chicken Out” at any time, effectively canceling their bond and claiming their principal back. This makes bonding a low risk endeavor for Wonderland aside from some minimal risks (detailed below).

Bonding LUSD in exchange for bLUSD will offer Wonderland a boosted yield compared to depositing LUSD in the Stability Pool.

Docs/Resources: Official Chicken Bonds Documentation - LUSD Chicken Bonds



Voting options:

  • Approve Deployment
  • Deny Deployment


Redemption Impact

Chicken Bonds will be considered liquid as they can be redeemed at any time by “Chickening Out” to regain the original principal deposited. Therefore, there will be no impact to the redemption price.

Sifu Vision (SV) Exposure

SV currently has $12mm in Chicken Bond exposure. Wonderland owns roughly 60% of SV tokens, giving us an additional $7.2mm in SV exposure to Chicken Bonds.

LUSD Price Risk/Peg Stability

There is some price risk as LUSD has been trading over peg for several months (currently trading at $1.03), and could peg back to $1 (or depeg under $1). The TOs believe the likelihood of LUSD depegging below $1 is very minimal due to the overcollateralization of LUSD and lack of centralization risks.

Smart Contract Risk

Since Chicken Bonds deposit funds to B.Protocol and the Yearn Curve LUSD vault, users implicitly assume the smart contract risk of those external protocols when using Chicken Bonds. Chicken Bonds, Liquity.app, Yearn, and B. Protocol have all undergone audits.

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[TMP #8.1] - Purchase LUSD and Invest in Chicken Bonds was approved with 99.95% of votes in favor.