TOP 7 Realistic Reasons to VOTE NO to Liquidating the Treasury - URGENT

I believe it is in the best interest of all Wonderland investors to vote NO on this proposal for several reasons. I like many of you have held, all the way through this shit show. The project has its own merits, which we can all help to grow and generate revenue for us going forward, but ONLY IF WE VOTE NO.
The vote is live for less than 48 hours, on a weekend. I will address some key points below as to why every frog should vote no.

The absolute first next step forward (and the only one that should have been taken in lieu of the damn buybacks) is to pull the wMEMO LPs from Sushiswap. This is what makes OHM and it’s forks unique, we OWN our own liquidity, we can effectively vote to stop trading by just pulling it. That should be the absolute next step forward, during any of this. Allowing the LP to still speculatively trade while this announcement was publicly made was still complete negligence.

I see a lot of people confused about “getting my full money back”. The answer is NO, their current liquidation proposal will NOT do that for you. The ONLY way to get your initial investment back is vote NO for this and let the treasury be managed to create revenue like it was meant to!!!

  1. The “backing price” is not a true number of payout you would receive in this instance. The backing price includes the LP’s for TIME and wMEMO. You have to exclude the TIME/wMEMO values from the treasury. This results in a MUCH lower value for payout. Why would they not already give the information in the proposal of price/MEMO to refund? Because they know its a shit number and less people would vote for it.
  2. You have people within the community that want to work to make this treasury valuable. Don’t vote to cashout when the MARKET itself and all of the assets within the treasury are at ALL TIME LOWS. They structured this dump force you into selling.

3) This proposal does not mention resolution anything about the existing commitments/investments the project has made in BSGG, Across the Ages, or the AVAX Liquidstaking platform.

  1. If you look at sifu.eth’s address the guy BOUGHT wMEMO at the lows after his news came out! A lot of it! You really want to pay him out again?? Also, his wallet needs to be EXCLUDED from the snapshot.

5) There hasn’t been a third party audit of the treasury- voting for a quick exit because you’re sad about losses doesn’t help you or I regain any of those losses or even fully understand what they are, and possibly bones us even harder. The treasury went from almost 1 Billion to ~700 Million in a matter of days. All of that loss can’t be due to the drop in wMEMO price if our treasury is doing all of these awesome revenue-generating things right? But we don’t know because we don’t have an audit!

  1. This proposal gives a snapshot date of NOW. Why now instead of before the cascades or even the Sifu doxxing (revealing of identity)? I don’t like this parameter at all. Whales can buy up wmemo on the market and then get a free profit.
  1. By taking a weighted snapshot, Dani and team are not giving a fuck about “to me all Frogs are equal”. It should be one head one vote, and the current voting mechanism gives weight to whales, who could have bought in LAST NIGHT. Also, Sifu is among them because he bought so much wMEMO. Come on people, we’re getting raped just one more time if we allow them to close down the treasury on these terms. The teams already cashed out millions while we all sit here with our dicks in our hands.

These are the bare-minimum reasons why I believe EVERY person should vote NO


100% true and agreed … i voted NO
one person can’t bring down a Nation !!!


this is so useless. Your points dont matter at all and are full of flaws and made up facts.

1 man 1 vote can be rigged. so wont happen.

the proposal says nowhere a snapshot from today will be taken? am i missing something?

if we keep on, dani will do everything to handout the treasury to someone he can control which he already tried with those group of traders he pulled out of his hat.

if we keep on the treasury will be milked step by step, as Daniele and his people are not trustable. they said sifu was doxxed to them, but then alegedly found out 1 month ago he was the Quadriga guy?

The trust is gone, and without trust there is nothing to build on. The merge with abra was failed attempt to hand over the treasury, danis traders are the next and he will try it again until he suceeds.

I’m tired of this drama and oppose your proposal. The treasury needs to be given back at a fair wMEMO rate and not at current dumping prices of course. If daniele has any credibility left he will contribute to this with his own money he gained from this.

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For the love of god, man, read what you wrote, read what you accused OP of, give that empty head of yours a shake and see if you’re able to think more clearly instead of displaying emotional hypocrisy.

This is the only solution. This is beyond his crypto career at this moment. The guy will have to spend his life looking over his shoulder.


why is it always that only people like you who have absolutely nothing to contribute, have the biggest mouth?

OP selling us his theories as facts = fact

OP selling us his hope for a better future = fact

OP talking about 1 vote being fair, which is insane = fact

if you cand deal with it that people who put more money in have more to say, then you re wrong in a dao.

if daniele would ve stepped down, there would be a chance, but he decided to grab onto the treasury and thats why nothing will change.

Agree, Unaetical wales/holders, just bought recently at discount price… while us, loyal long term holders who bought at a much higher price will get ripped and at best get 10 to 20% of our total investment.

I agree. Dissolving wonderland at this time will only reward the same people who manipulated the cahrts to begin with


That’s like your opinion too man. In no way is what I’m saying in opposition to allowing you to and others to rage quit. You can still get yours after we actually find out how much is left. Chill man, I’m working for your best interest too.

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Also you’re welcome to address them with logical retort instead of just allowing your emotions to completely rule you. I’m sure you’re down a lot- I am as well. This is NOT a proposal if you even bothered to read the title. But hey- your opinion is duly noted, but lacking it’s own facts I’m just going to ignore you because I actually did DD on this. Are you Sifu’s alt here or what?

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Agree. I voted NO.
And it should be one person, one vote in this situation .
A lot of people with big wallets manipulating the price action and can easily turn it into their favor.
I thought this was Crypto, now it looks like Wall street allover
My opinion


100% Don’t let this happen frogs!
Check the wallet that is behind the unwind proposal, they bought a sh*t ton of wMEMO right before the proposal and will make big bank if the vote passes.

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