Treasury BUYBACK - Tokenomics change from JoyHunter

Treasury Buyback:

VOTE to buyback wMEMO below treasury backing price as doing now
VOTE to sell these purchased wMEMO tokens at a fixed 20% higher rate
VOTE to not allow these these purchased wMEMO tokens to earn rewards while in treasury

Step 1: Treasury buys back five (5) wMEMO at $50,000
Step 2: Treasury then lists these same five wMEMO at $60,000

Buying cheaper and selling higher solves multiple problems:
a. Creates buying pressure (short term)
b. Creates larger treasury balance when selling for profit later (long term)

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I strongly vote against any kind of buyback. Use the treasury for what it is accumulated for…INVESTMENT for higher RoI


i am concerned these buybacks can create a predictable feedback loop that will allow whales to drop price, buy tokens, and sell back at profit effectively draining the treasury. Is this a concern for anyone else?


But if the idea is for the treasury to but and automatically stipulate those bought coins at a 20% higher price (as in the example) wouldn’t that work agains that kind of whale strategy?
At some point they’d run out of wmemo to sell and make such thing, and right now we already have that kind of going on cause whales can buy below the backing price and sell back whenever Sifu/ Devs start buying back, right?

Yeah major concern. Rather than reward whales, long term holders should get rewards through lock up periods. I don’t mind locking uo because

A) Dani and Sifu arent trying to rug

B) Im long term holding anyway because im not gonna just cash out at a 66% loss

C)Itll bring stability to the protocol if people weren’t trading the shit out of it.

Any predictable buyback safety net can and will be manipulated. There is no harm in a free float price for TIME/MEMO/wMEMO so long as there is enough depth in liquidity. I am assuming that the LP on Sushi has enough liquidity to absorb 10-20 mil dumps…TJ had it…If there is a liqidity concern then the LP should be provided additional incentives so that the depth is created.

Buyback is a moral hazard…IMHO

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I think the buy backs need to end. One of the reasons I invested was because of that backing price. I saw it as an insurance that would limit my losses. But as i have seen it in action I realized it is the weakest part of this project. It creates two problems. Whales can tank the price. Buy at the bottom. Wait for the buy back and sell at the top. They can instantly make a great return while draining the treasury. On the other side you have new investors that take on greater risk with leverage. Believing that buyback price is an insurance policy that they won’t get liquidated. It incentives them to make stupid decisions. The only reason to leverage in a bear market is if you feel you have a net to catch you. Outside of real estate what other investment you have where there is an insurance policy.

The way you keep investors and convince others to invest is to make your investors money. The money wasted in these buybacks, is better spent finding investments that increase the treasury and maintains the APY or the revenue sharing. End the buybacks and rebuild the treasury with a good investment strategy. That will end some of the gamesmanship whales are doing. It will increase the value of the token. Which will gain greater investors. Maybe bring some back that feel burned by all the bad news around Wonderland.

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