Treasury funds allocation into Avalaunch (XAVA)

From the outset, it has been projected that the intention is for $TIME to be the base currency for multiple games and to give this token future utility.

The gaming industry moves a total of 175B, 17x that of the MLB or 22x that of the NBA.

Play to earn games are going to be present in the future and are going to move a lot of money and seeing the capital that moves this industry Daniele plans to use the $TIME treasure to invest (as seen in this interview A Chat with Daniele Sestagalli, Founder of Wonderland (TIME) | Avalanche House - YouTube).

To fulfill Wonderland as VC role in Gaming IDO. To propose:

Allocation of a portion of Wonderland Treasury into AVALAUNCH (XAVA)

Private sales discussion with Ava Lab on private investment allocation (better allocation, better pricing, NFTs allocation to treasury, etc).

Relevant facts: Out of the 8 AVAX games IDO, the minimum ROI return is 8.59X with the highest of 164.44X

In this way, Wonderland would become one of the main drivers of the platform and would have special relevance in the promotion of new gaming projects in a highly productive environment that is proving the effectiveness of its model.

Original proposal at Snapshot:


This definitely deserves a deeper look! This would allow TIME WONDERLAND to position itself as the reserve currency Daniele spoke of in the video you linked. It’s a good play. Hopefully it catches on and we can develop and move forward with something like this.


Did not know about Avalaunch, very interesting, thank you for sharing!


My expectation for this type of investments is really high. Music and game on blockchain will be the future, the real reason for the mass to adopt this technology.

Dani knows that. He is one of the smarter guy in this envoirment afak. I would like read and discuss further on this topic cause I’m very interested in it.


I don’t mind Avalaunch, but I would like to see the Treasury go much, much broader… Dani should be talking to Activision, Niantic, Infinity Ward, Gala Games, Square Enix, Epic, Bethesda, and/or any other gaming studios about how we can partner with them on future blockchain-based and nft-based gaming and how it intersects with defi.