Treasury reinforcements by Mining?

Just and Idea from Right Field, has this DAO considered Mining?
(This Could be solar powered and be zero cost to operate in time.)

What would adding a Crypto mining system do for the DAO?
could it be used for buy backs?
could it be used in airdrop when not burned?
can anyone inhouse put some realistic math over the idea?
Could this be voted on and paid for by the treasury?
What are the reasons not to do it?

My Improvement opinion is as follows:
This system needs a regulator in place on the exhaust side. they have zero problem intaking.
Like any system it needs a balance and an operating system or program in place to run it.
The most complex systems rely on sensors to tell the brain information to make decisions on.
I think we need to sensor the intake in order to control the exhaust on a steady proven program or map.
This will regulate the flow of investors coming and going. assuring they will literally spend time in wonderland or pay to exit … we would know where they are and where all contracts will be at any given point in time. its not governance its organization of information for better outlooking future on paper.

a car has air temp sensors and air speed sensors to feed the cars cpu telling the car to add more fuel or less fuel then checks it in the CO2 sensors on the exhaust of the car to ensure the system is running with in its normal operating parameters.

Option 1 - Staking could be 30 to 90 days on a locked contract Only. with locked APY and early withdraw fee implemented if they choose to leave. This is for regular front door customers mainly. zero discord, voting, just a return they can count on … (the number 1 at mcdonalds)

Option 2 - If they are Staking 180 days up to 12 months offer a better APY. Allow them to see the exit fee diminish to zero as the contract ends. They pay much higher exit fees to cover the difference lost if they leave. Must have 90day contracts complete in order to access this platform of earning. possibly group 100 members with a total sum invested for a dedicated term and lock them into the contract for even better rewards. (if they are not ready or serious refer them to number 1)

Option 3 - 12 moths to 2 years should be a group of your proffered investors. Must be member on discord and in critical votes. possibly discord specific chat for that group only …Only the Best APY. Airdrops to valued holders, ama for them and their positions specifically in the project. these are you most valuable customers/investors. keep them happy and invested.

set some rules up with it like …
(For Safety >>Nothing that rocks the entire boat should be playable in the protocol)

  1. If you leave any contract outside of the planned date(s), then they cannot return for 1 month to avoid whales tanking the ship. (no ship jumping)
  2. Diamond Hands!! Longer holders should be getting rewarded not just the biggest wallet that day.
  3. The treasury would have time to properly keep the buyback and money to do it on a schedule if they made contracts to organize who’s doing what when.
  4. The exit strategy for any one at any time without sinking the ship is a Must. if that means no levers then so be it …
  5. The number of Money/people in and out at one time needs to be monitored …it needs a metering device … something to regulate it properly …a filter or walls to stop the huge effects on everyone else all at the same time.

(If this project makes it that far they should be a whole new reward system ready. not based on the money in wallet. it should be the evolvement and about who’s helping built the dream machine. Those who are putting time into the proposals and ideas in the discords are ones that should be rewarded. Real proposals with original and critical content should be rewarded. Those are the ones making the difference. money will come and go but; these are the people you want in your circle)

Any tree needs to grow at a proper pace, its pace, as nature intended. you cannot skip the growing steps, or it will cause major system failures in long term applications. just like in people and in everything else. it takes quality time for good things to come and materialize.

Please excuse my explanations, I work in a very mechanical and complex field and do not have the crypto terminology down. I’m doing what I can with what knowledge I have to help Wonderland.

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