Trying to Stake

Hi, I swapped AVAX for TIME on traderjoexyz and have TIME in my Trust Wallet. I’m trying to stake to Wonderland’s website app, but when I connect my wallet it only gives me the option to Bridge. Every video I watch says “Stake” should simply appear as an option but it doesn’t. Any advice on what to do? Thanks so much!

It normally happens when your wallet (metamask) is not on the right network (avax) However, not sure how Trust wallet works.

Yeah that’s the case. One video said to make sure I don’t connect to main wallet but to the avax network of the wallet. But when I disconnect wallet and try to connect again it automatically connects to main wallet and doesn’t give me the option to choose avax. Any idea how to enable a new connect option?

I do not unfortunately.

Dont trust DMs, but you could try asking in the support chat in Discord.