"Unable to accept invite" on Discord server

Does anyone else have the same problem with Wonderland’s Discord server? I found out from Telegram that the chat has been moved to Discord but I have not been able to get it after many attempts. How do I contact the admins on the server?

Did you manage to sort this out?
I was in the discord and now looks like I’ve been removed by mistake but I don’t know who to contact to get back on? Thanks

No, I did not. I wish Wonderland Telegram would continue allowing chats for to help with these issues before muting it altogether.

Yeah, I’ve never been able to get on the discord,
I’ve been trying to connect with link from @Wonderland_fi on twitter, I did join degen defi’s channel but I woke up today kicked from that and able to connect.

I posted in the Support chat. Hopefully someone can help.

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Working on the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience @Mrstill


Please contact @dereksilva on Telegram for help with this.

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Which Derek Silva on telegram?

The only real one - @dereksilva

And I know we’ve spoken since this time.