Unstake Memo not working on hardware wallet

yo Wonderland fam. Just helped a friend unstake their Memo 2 Time via hot wallet with no problem. I attempted with my hardware wallet, ledger and no dice.

The Memo I’m seeking to unstable from is associated w/ this contract: 0x136Acd46C134E8269052c62A67042D6bDeDde3C9

#1 I’d recommend wrapping and selling wMEMO instead of TIME.

#2 What happens when you try ? Do you get an error ? If so, what is the error message ?


If you get no prompt on your Ledger when doing the transaction on Metamask, I would try these steps;

  • Restart browser
  • Reset Metamask (Settings >> Advanced >> Reset)
  • Make sure your ETH app is open on Ledger, blind-signing is enabled and Ledger live closed & Ledger unlocked.

If this doesn’t help, check Ledger live for firmware updates or switch to another wallet extension (Rabby)