Update App Dashboard to reflect true backing $

I’d like to know why the Q4 redemption calc is below market price, and not in line with the “Backing per wMEMO” value on the app. I make decisions about whether or not to stay on the farm or redeem based on the arb value between the dash and kyberswap. If that value isn’t the true value we’re using to redeem at, then why is it even there? I realize it may also include investments that are illiquid (BSGG) but if that’s the case then reflect those changes on the app so all investors can make informed decisions between quarterly redemption calculations.

Dashboard shows the full backing, redemption backing is based on liquid backing, as voted.
It changes, reason we announce it for whitelist vote.
Reason for redemption isn’t to offer an arb, but to offer a fair exit for holders that wish to exit and guarantee that exit price - while long term holders will benefit from our still vesting positions, as discussed in the original redemption vote process.
We could update the dashboard during redemption to additionally show the redemption backing, as middle way.

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