VC Investment Zeniverse NFT P2E GameFi hub: non-rebase, high utility, POL & Revenue Sharing

Dear WonderlandDAO,

I write this as a founder and CEO of Zeniverse with the opportunity and proposal for a VC investment by Wonderland in Zeniverse, the project my team and I have been working on since last year.

What is Zeniverse?
Zeniverse is a metaverse DAO building a Play To Earn NFT GameFi hub synergistically combining DeFi, NFT products and gaming. Zeniverse revolves around our immersive lore of the species Zenis whom live on the planet Zenia in the Zeniverse. There are currently 3 classes: Rogues, Warriors and Magi.

What games does Zeniverse have game design documents written for?
Racing Game: Zeni Kart (Mario Kart analog)
Side-view Brawl Game: Zeni Brawl
RPG: Adventures of Zenia
Land Purification game

What makes Zeniverse unique?
We optimize GameFi through synergistically combining DeFi products with NFTs, by giving our NFTs DeFi utility as well as Play To Earn utility. Additionally, we are developing our fungible token to have Timelocked Staking Autocompounding with simultaneous Revenue Sharing optimizing 3,3. Furthermore, our fungible token will be non-rebase emission based with Zeniverse having Protocol Owned Liquidity via Bonding.

We have our Genesis Zeni NFT collection of 5454 Gen0 Zenis completed which we will give the following utility:

  • Level NFT progression
  • Level based extra-gaming utility
  • Zeniverse Play To Earn gaming access
  • Passive income from NFT staking
  • Breeding capability
  • NFT Governance
  • IP of the NFT owned

What use-case does/will the ZENI token have?
The ZENI token will have be the governance and reward token as well as the breeding and fusing facilitator for NFTs in the Zeniverse. After utilizing treasury funds for game development, Timelocked ZENI stakers will be able to earn both Autocompounding and Revenue Sharing simultaneously.

What will the Zeniverse Treasury allocate its funds towards?
Zeniverse will be allocating funds to the following:

  1. Development of the written Game Design Documents (racing, RPG and brawl game)
  2. Revenue Sharing
  3. Buybacks of ZENI
  4. Platform development expansion and salaries
  5. VC Web3 Acceleration
  6. DeFi utilization for Treasury Growth

What solutions does Zeniverse provide to existing issues in crypto?

  1. Optimizing utility to especially the Genesis Zeni NFT collection.
  2. Not limiting the amount of players able to play our games to a fixed collection of NFTs as Gen1 Zeni NFTs will be mintable from with uncapped supply, obtained through breeding or via NFT marketplace purchase.
  3. Optimization of 3,3 and aligning incentives through combining increased APY for Autocompounding Timelocked Staking and Partial Revenue Sharing.
  4. Consistent income generation through Trading Fees from both fungible token with Protocol Owned Liquidity and NFT Royalties.
  5. Utilizing Treasury to reward our long-term investors, ZENI buybacks, game development, Treasury Growth via DeFi and ultimately VC Web3 Acceleration.

Our team consists of:
Renji (CEO, Management)
Alex Lauks (Dev Lead, Scaffold solidity developer, Management)
Jack (Smart-contract developer)
Ionut (Lore Writer & Game Design)
Bonive (Graphic Lead: Graphic design & animation)
Johnnie (NFT analyst, Event Manager and Community Manager)
George (Chief Legal Officer)
Gabriel (MaticNews)

What security measures will be put in place?

  • Gnosis multi-signature Treasury
  • Openzeppeling as additional layer to the multi-signature Treasury
  • Team is doxxed to eachother
  • Audits

We hope you will consider us for a VC investment and we plan to reward early adopters, that means you frogs.

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