Vote for asset distribution

If the current vote about dissolving passes we should make sure that the distribution is fair.

my proposal is that everyone who bought below backing will receive back what he paid for it. everyone else, who bought above backing price, will get a share of the rest depending on holding amount. that way the whale manipulation of the vote is made at least a little bit fairer for everyone. fixed arbitrage like the whales are trying to pull right now shouldnt be allowed.

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that sounds so… complicated.

it’s prob just better to do it as wMEMO %.

whoever bought at the end is taking a risk in itself.

also, if this gets to the voting rounds with snapshot, don’t you think the whales will just use their voting power again?

chose a snapshot before the manipulation. everything else makes no sense. and its not really complicated. cos the way it is right now the only ones who would benefit are arbitrage whales who bought in the last 36 hours. that shouldnt be rewarded.

the only other way would be to chose a snapshot before the latest cascade and distribute regarding to that so that the people who bought later, aka the vote manipulating whales, will end up with nothing.

What about those that never wrapped?
I paid 23k for 11 MEMO that’s now close to 15 MEMO but worth… well we all know what it’s worth now…
Do I need to wrap to be compensated for this?

likely yes. it seems everyone who wants to be compensated in any way needs to wrap it. and compensate is not really the right word. you are locking in an 80% loss on a yes vote. thats hardly a compensation

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is it too late to wrap now? Will i look like i just entered, or can they see my staking history?
I’m trying to vote no on the proposal. The whales are buying this bottom and then gonna profit from the liquidation. Of course both the snapshot site for voting and the wonderland site for wrapping are not working.

Doesn’t matter when you wrap

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If it’s in MEMO, you should be able to convert it to wMEMO without any sort of loss (there’s a ratio for MEMO and wMEMO as time passes).

As for the fiat value of your tokens…

I’m sorry you’re in that position, but we all took risks. Some more than others.

I’m not in such a hot position myself right now (cost basis is ~70k per wMEMO - I originally bought $TIME when it was ~7k), but free market dynamics is important.

In any sort of trading / investing, I would not expect to be “compensated”, rather if I lose this time, it’s a lesson to be carried until the into the next venture.

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Topic is being closed since the vote did not pass.