Vote NO beat the whales again save the Wonderland

Frogs we voted NO and we beat the whales now SIFU and the whales want to sink the boat we need to stop this.
Vote NO again I know if we unite we can beat them again.
Remember if they’ll cripple the treasury we’re basically screwed 1/2 or less from treasury won’t make us any further remember that we paying the backing price for them.
Vote against this I feel we can win again and truly save WONDERLAND again


What we should all be doing is buying more $TIME !!! EVERYONE IS SELLING!!! What happened to (3,3)??? The frogs are fucking themselves… because they are stupid! You can’t help people that can’t/won’t help themselves and what is unfolding is the perfect example. I am so disappointed in this community, what a bunch of weaklings. I thought the Frog Nation was a bunch of Slimy Green Spartans but they are more like a bunch of Slimy Legless Unevolved TadpoleS. If we are to beat the whales at this point our only hope is to band topether and raise the price, but all things considered I think that is unlikely from the pathethic… Frog Nation. teh A Man Spits on the Ground like what he just said left a terrible taste in his mouth

It’s an Arbitrage! The whale accounts are probably connected to people in the development team or something. The whales have configured an Arbitrage setup on a massive jackpot and they will steal it, every last drop. Create project, load bags, short after pumps, use bags to control ‘DAO’, develop a ‘Rage Quit’ option to sell above bottom, pre snapshot purchase of $TIME @ ~$400, sell $TIME bought at bottom for 3x.

i take it you voted yes then?

yes, as if you wouldn’t. If you don’t you can’t use the option

Screenshot 2022-02-25 142838

50 TIME vs the 43K TIME sifu is using to vote…

So people who didn’t vote cannot RQ, is that right?

Where do things move from here, I’ve been offline for a few days.

If you want to Rage Quit, you need to vote on the Whitelist.

There is no other requirement or vote required.

Where is the white list? I only saw a Snapshot vote and it was not functioning.
Can we change our minds, after all the details have not been precise so far? Hardly a basis for making an informed decision.

The whitelist vote is the 5.2 vote. It is not live yet. Should be announced once it is.

Do I have to wrap my MEMO if I want to rage quit? Do I have to wrap my MEMO to join the whitelist vote? Is it too late to wrap my MEMO which has been staked since November? Thanks ahead.

Yes. No. No. You are welcome.

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