Vote Sifu out as treasurer

  1. Give the community time to comment and grasp your idea. Keeping a discussion around an RFC up for several days before creating a Wonderland Improvement Proposal (WIP), assures that the community has a clear understanding of the proposal, and the sentiment can be evaluated.
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You could have at least take the time to make a proper post.

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thats enough said to be honest

No its not, all but few of his investments have been wildly lucrative.

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Helll no!! Keep sifu!! Hes doing an amazing job!


Hell no. I can’t believe he didn’t have some sort of alarm to wake him up. There are many free APIs out there that can ring a mobile phone number. However, in terms of treasury management he is excellent.

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This is epic, ser.


Voting sifu out would be the biggest mistake ever. Hes doing an AMAZING JOB and if he leaves, many investors would follow - including myself.


He showed real skin in the game no sense to vote him out

He caused the price to drop bellow backing, which needed to use treasury funds to make it go up. Thus causing major loss to the treasury, investors, borrowers and the credibility of the project.

On the other hand, changing management now will be the perfect scape goat for when the projects fails, which will anyway, so I wont be able to say I told you so.

Its a tough choice but i gotta say he should stay there, the failure of wonderland will be the punishment.

Sell orders in the market caused the price to drop below backing. I doubt he can do it alone himself

This is knee-jerk reaction moon boy nonsense.

Where’s your case?

14 million sell order from his liquidation caused it to tank.

Yes, those are market sell orders. They could be liquidating anyone’s positions. That’s a risk you run when you lever up.

yeah lets just pretend he is just another regular investor. greedy right?

And here again you complain others for your loss.

When you leverage you take risk. You have to live with that.

Your money. Your choice. Your responsibility.

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yeah, not really complaining. just pointing the obvious elephant in the room.
when you can’t communicate properly, make mistakes and shift all the blame, you take risks. you have to live with that.
Your actions. Your choices. Your responsability.

I am concerned with taking a hasty approach that is effectively all or nothing (i.e. voting Sifu out as treasurer). There are areas for improvement in the current form, along with an opportunity for the community to improve our support for the DAO.

One alternative idea that I would like to propose is to allocate a small portion of the DAO to be managed separately from Sifu. By taking this approach it would allow the capital in the treasury to be structured in a way that allows for a more efficient allocation of capital, both in generating absolute returns and in diversifying the source of those returns. It also allows Sifu to scale by increasing or decreasing the allocation over time based on the opportunities available.

There are additional benefits to the community beyond capital allocation. It would create an opportunity to present alternative approaches for managing and reporting in a DAO structure compared to the current structure. This opens the potential for synergy by leveraging the best traits from the ‘feeder’ fund to improve areas of the main fund and vice verse. And by doing so we can reduce the burden on Sifu to do all of this. It would also create the opportunity for Sifu to have an equal partner, and for either of them to act as successors of the other. This reduces the risk of panic in the market should a tough decision need to be made or if a mistake is made.

To be specific on this, I would like to propose that I take ownership over managing this initial ‘feeder’ fund on behalf of the DAO, helping to support Sifu and improve wonderland for everyone. If this is an idea that the community is supportive of, I can create a separate thread or use this. I am open to feedback from others in the community, including Sifu, on the ideas I have proposed here.

Edit: I will paste this into a new thread.

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