Voting is void

Roughly 15% of all holding are held on phantom chain who are unable to vote at all, despite holding time. with not everyone being able to vote, in a normal real world scenario, that these whales always look towards (majority share holders having majority voting right hurr durr), this vote would be void. phantom voters will likely vote heavily in favor of no, as they are the ones believing in the project.

so either find a way to include phantom time holders or void the vote. easiest is probably to make a second vote on phantom chain and add the results. but without them the vote is void.


Developing a perfect system unfortunately is not doable given the circumstances and time frame. Hell…we don’t even have a consensus on how to conduct a consensus. With time being of the utmost importance…unfortunately…this is the best system weve got to work with

I WAS NOT AWARE YOU COULD NOT VOTE IF YOURE ON PHANTOM?! vote HAS to be voided because it is NOT fair!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS

I am SO angry now the vote MUST INCLUDE EVERYONE

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FAIR!!! Fair is for childrens sports leagues…

R u 5 or something? You cannot leave out a huge chunk of investors in a community vote about the protocol they’ve invested in. Everyone has a right to a vote about the future of their investment

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so next time when there are elections in the US you think the vote would count of florida, new york and california couldnt vote? xD

well…apparently you can.

This is the wild wild west of crypto…if fairness isint part of the protocol…assume it dosent exist

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Just bridge it back to AVAX and vote then. Simple.

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except that people like you dont know how a snapshot works. they cant bridge back to vote for the same reason that you cant buy now and vote… Simple… rofl

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