We need a Structured Weekly Live AMA

Discord is clearly not the best way to have serious discussions about topics such as Rage Quit and it’s clearly aggravating Daniele when all he’s trying to do is explain and clarify important topics.

Imagine a CEO of a Fortune 500 company in a discord speaking with 1) disgruntled investors and 2) fudsters from who knows where.

It doesn’t work. I understand that Daniele wants to relay his thoughts but discord is not the way.

We removed the chat feature from Telegram for this very reason. It can become toxic very quickly.

We would like to propose that Daniele do a set weekly (~1 hour) AMA by voice, and keep some time at the end for live questions. If The Professor can join then great.

If this can be organised then we have a process we can follow, for example:

  1. Weekly voice AMA every Friday at a specific time that suits Daniele
  2. A Mod or Team Member collects questions in a dedicated channel on discord from Mon-Wednesday (cut-off time) so Daniele has them ready by Thursday.

This will help us all look forward to preparing questions or suggestions for a specific time every week.

We need some structure moving forward. I can’t keep going into the discord search bar inputing “from user: danielesesta” just to siphon through messages like a detective. It doesn’t make sense for a project of this size.

Comment below if you have any suggestions and vote in this INFORMAL poll so we can get the message to Daniele that we need some structure please.

P.S. I would be more than happy to lead this if needed.

  • Yes
  • No

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Totally agree. We need more structure. After this PR/ communication chaos one of the first thing that should have been implemented is transparent/open and frequent and especially clear communication. Yes people in the forum are very active and try to find a solution which is great but to not lose further confidence Daniele has to have a clear way of communicating. I know his first language isnt English, mine neither, but his tweets in the discord chat are rather cryptic and often written IMO in a not really helpful manner. As a PR guy myself this whole situation is an absolute chaos communication wise. I see that the mods and time cops in the discord are trying their best but if you have the leading figures being quite cryptic and unclear. Investors tend to lose confidence, which will be reflected in price sooner or later. Yes he said its better not to rush things I agree, but when we do that, a weekly AMA where we could hear Dani and maybe other parties like The Professor or the guys from WL 2.0 having a rational discussion we might proceed quicker and more efficient. I also feel like theres not enough staff focussing on WL or are available. It feels like a side project which is just rotting away.
AMAs at least would be a great start.

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How do we convince them to do so? 90% of the other defi project I’m in have structured weekly AMAs except this one…


Agree but please let me in on Discord

  • Effective communication should be Agenda oriented.

  • Record the AMA for those who miss the session

  • Post all the recorded AMA on Website for newbies. The more they engage, the more confident they would become.


The last AMA I heard on discord. Yesterday I could read through everything in the Wonderland discord. Turned on my computer tonight and I have been banned. I’m unsure why’ after my first discord user name got banned I stopped posting anything out of fear of getting my second account banned. So anything on the wonderland discord or held in it will not reach me. If anything important like go click a button to get your “airdrop” happens well …

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