We need a website for investors to see

If people are supposed to be able to “Come to Wonderland for for investment” as I have seen mentioned we need something for them to see.

                                                                 **THE PROBLEM**

Currently we have a discord and that’s it. That is a problem in itself for people looking for investment to get their w/e project going.

It could be fine for now but the bigger problem with the discord is that one of the first channels they are going to see general.

What. A. Nightmare.

General chat often though out the week turns into “Freedom of speech” or “It’s called general chat for a reason” despite mods stating that it’s a “wonderland general chat”. The worst part is those people are the ones who turn it into a shit show of politics and attacking others and being ignorant.

Once in awhile someone does something about it. Usually…they don’t. Honestly it’s probably overwhelming to the mods that participate to say “Just tag a mod.” when it’s this far gone.

We are probably a little too busy at the moment to build a site for people wanting to look at wonderland for investing and not just following apy and shit posting till they fall asleep but it’s needs to be on the list.

                                                                **THE SOLUTION**

Obviously the solution is to build a website for this and have a link to it on Wonderland.money.
That’s going to take time though.

The easy way out for the time being is to move “general” to the bottom of the list where, given the categories, it belongs.

In place of generals spot under “advice from a caterpillar” should be a channel called “Wonderland Discussion”.

This way the eclectic individuals of our community still have a place to hangout and generally Wonderland discussion has a place. This would eliminate conspiracy and political obsessives and ignorant conversations from the first point of contact while allowing our community to look far better and letting the mods that participate during the “crazy times” to not be overwhelmed or have to spam “#off-topics” only to argue with people who entitlement to a discord channel.

Our appearance should be a great deal of importance as we are running a business not a playground.