We need more PR for Wonderland

Being an investor, I am seeing a lot of misinformation on the net about Wonderland, I believe purely because of the lack of knowledge about the project.

There is not enough “positive” PR to combat this, nor to promote the project as a leader in the space, which I believe it is.

If not yet, I recommend creating a new team that would specialize in Marketing/PR efforts to create campaigns to promote the project.

I have lots of ideas around this topic and believe that whatever we decide to do with Wonderland, these efforts would help with a healthy growth due to the supporting positive efforts of this team.

Thank you


Could you clarify some of your ideas? I totally agree with you, we need someone to spread the good word about Wonderland.


I found out a lot of information about this kind of DAO and think that if more people had access to these informations they would believe more and more in the project.

A marketing team that can create an environment with trustable information will be very healthy for Wonderland and its users.

There is a lot o misunderstanding around Wonderland especially on discord where people think they know what is going on and it just hurts the project and confuse its users.


That’s a valid point of view, similar but more structural ideas are presented in this proposal Allocate $$ to marketing/communication tools


The biggest Marketing problem I see Are the following:

First, is the barrier to get TIME may be above the average crypto users technical know how. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos that give you a tutorial on how to purchase time, but an official guide may help gain trust of new investors. ( a lot of people didn’t buy bitcoin until coinbase and other apps made it easy to purchase).

Anyway we can lower the technical barrier would help give access to more users?

The second is the belief that this must be a scam because of the APY. A too good to be true rational. The fear of a rug pull is echoed throughout crypto right now( not specifically time, but just a general voice in the community).

Proper explanation of the token-nomics would help people better understand the project.

My last thought is what are the use cases for TIME? What gives its value and why should people invest/hold? A road map detailing possibilities of what TIME will be used for future project.

Having some goals to orientate this project in specific directions would really help build hype and excitement. How does this project fit into the greater crypto landscape?


Most of those issues come from the community itself. 90% of my irl friends only own cryptocurrency that is sold on ledgers, they don’t even dream what metamask is. For the purpose of TIME you actually need to know your DeFi world.
When I told them “found a project with (at the time), 60k% APY” they all said “scam”. DeFi 2.0 is still really new to the average people, same for what multi-sig stands for. I believe those issues will fix themselves in no time!!


Very High level Marketing Plan

  1. The keys for a healthy and successful community:
    a) Transparency is the key in communication.
    Good, bad and the ugly. There are ways to communicate bad/ugly without sounding negative.
    b) People want to belong - we must create a following with a reason to frequently visit the community.
    c) People want to make a difference - we must create an engaging environment where everyone is heard and have an ability to participate and make a difference.
  2. Focus.
    a) Existing community
    b) Prospective community
  3. Develop all materials - training videos, written content, websites/forums, speaking engagement/live webinars materials, release schedule, metrics, tracking mechanism,…
  4. Start by holding live sessions, preferably with Danny/Sifu or one of the other founders, someone who is trusted. People must see these faces in order to be reassured that the founders are still on board and very much interested in growing the community.
  5. Hold live webinars showing people how to use the platform and help everyone who wants to be part of the echo system, successfully join and start producing profit.
  6. Create a weekly/monthly newsletter taking about the projects, new developments, challenges, ……
  7. Have a team of people visit various forums where defi is discussed and participate to teach people about our projects, amasser questions, point people to developed materials, correct misinformation, invite to webinars.
  8. Create incentives program that will encourage participation.
  9. Contact major crypto influencers and schedule time to be on their channel to promote our projects.
  10. ……

This is a good start. This needs to be further developed, but in my opinion is VERY critical that this is executed in some ways, if we want to have a long term, stable and profitable enterprise.


Would love a chance to run this or be involved.


We don’t need nor want to PR this project, if too many people come at once the APY will tank, we want this project stay like it is at least for 9 months and then all of us will become rich, that will be the best PR ever.


We are 3 months old, give it some time. lets see what happen in 5 or 6 more months :star_struck:


This is my thought aswell, especially the use case. Before hard marketting/promotion we need a solid roadmap of the use of $time


This project is a business. Every business must have a business plan. Marketing/PR is part of every business.

Not having having that, it’s like a ship without a sail. The ship goes in which ever direction wind blows.

That is Wonderland today.

Bad PR, misinformation, not understanding how this project works is a wind in this case. It’s blowing us off course.

If ALL Wonderland investors truly understood how it works, we would not have such price fluctuate have today. BTC pump/dump price fluctuations should be irrelevant to our project, and should provide no impact to us.

Yes, there are other variables…… but, the point is we need to put the ship back on course and marketing/or is one way to do it.


I’m proposing a starting plan that I hope everyone can add to this. Please do homework! Try to source things if you can.

We need to examine under the hood of TIME. What are the token details of TIME. Once we have a grasp of Capabilities we can start to orientate some direction. Wonderland price today, TIME to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap


”Avalanche Network based on the TIME token. Each TIME token is backed by a basket of assets (e.g., MIM, TIME-AVAX LP Tokens etc etc) in the Wonderland treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below.”

”Wonderland also introduces economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through staking and bonding.”
( What are theoretic dynamics? Why is that important? )

  • this system can be used to optimize for stability and consistency so that TIME can function as a global unit-of-account and medium-of-exchange currency. In the short term, we intend to optimize the system for growth and wealth creation. We intend to achieve price flatness for a representative basket of goods without the use of fiat currency, in order to allow the cryptocurrency industry to detach once and for all from the traditional finance world!*
    (There is a lot to unpack here. :sweat_smile:).

I think examples and instances would help people grasp these concepts better. We need to know applications and use cases for TIME outside of the wonderland page. I didn’t see any market cap or supply cap of time tokens (not necessarily bad but it’s not mentioned).

My intention is to start working dialog with community members and see who’s willing to contribute. I believe in TIME,SPELL, and MIM all have huge potential and they need the communities help.

I bought into this project full disclosure not knowing nearly enough about TIME. If you bought in like me you’re a risky investor but hey that’s crypto. Not everyone is like us that’s why we’re here first! :frog::mechanical_arm:.

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I agree that PR is important to reduce the amount of FUD and Spam, and to continue generating hype. Recently there is a lot of bad twitter media especially from certain accounts plugging Trader Joe who are slandering Wonderland or spreading FUD about the treasury, performance of wonderland etc.

We need targeted / cohesive branding and messaging from the WL team to set the record straight, keep people in the loop, provide hype/roadmap etc.

We need articles on coindesk and blockmates etc about Wonderland.

Doesn’t have to be rocket science, but daily or weekly content that keeps the community together.

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I won’t comment one way or another on marketing, but agree that the average crypto investors that I know have struggled a bit when figuring out how to first get set up. I’ve also seen a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and general lack of knowledge create chaos on the discord server. Any person joining to learn more about this project could very easily be given the wrong idea or scared away in general. I know there will never be a discord free of fudders, and trolls, but genuinely new people need a chance to learn and ask the questions they need to in a manner where they can actually understand, learn, or receive the help they need.

I think more time cops or janitors are needed to keep the discord under control. I don’t know if it would be possible to offer a live one-on-one support chat, whether through the website or the discord, for people looking to do their due diligence before buying in or need help getting set up. I would not suggest putting this on the leading team’s shoulders, but training some lower level helpers with the answers to frequently asked questions. Larger level issues/questions could then be passed up the chain of command to the appropriate person (hopefully alleviating the thousands of pings they have to sift through), or written down to be addressed at the next AMA session.

If you could get some more team members helping people just walking in who want to learn more and feel comfortable here, the help and knowledge that they need, I think the communication across the community in general would be more positive, and let new investors feel more trust in Wonderland before getting into it. Helping new investors have a better understanding of the project and the protocol should also help alleviate some of their panic when things like price dips do inevitably occur.

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Absolutely ^^^!

I agree with this as well. Consistent voice coming coming from the dev community.

  1. Prospective roadmap
    a. Time line of development projects
    b. Planned updates/ maintenance
    c. Tutorials and walkthroughs explaining everything properly to new users.

  2. Announcements and partnerships
    a. Press releases
    b. Digital marketing
    I. YouTube
    II. Twitter
    III. Homepage
    IV. Various crypto publications
    c. Sponsorships

  3. Establishing within wonderland and Frognation
    a. Trusted individuals to carry mission specific actions out
    b. Daniel is the captain but he needs leaders in the community to help drive projects organically
    c. How does a Defi project grow properly with no central authority?