We should calm down a little bit, I'll tell you why

Like you, I am an investor in Wonderland. Like you, I am at a huge loss, I prefer not to mention values.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that Wonderland is indeed a huge project. We have the opportunity to write our names in history through a super efficient DAO. Problems happen in any project, what changes is the way we manage to solve them, that will dictate the future.

Daniele and the entire team are aware of the community’s desire, Sifu is gone. Why not give new empowered people a chance to work on a future for all of us? In theory, Daniele could have just disappeared, but he’s still here.

Looking a little more at the community, I noticed really incredible auditing and transparency proposals, including one that talked about the non-anonymity of the team. This is extremely important, not to mention the various reports that could be made available periodically.

In short, what I mean is that: I’m already in shit, compared to the amount I invested. It’s so sad that it ends up making no difference to me to recover (so you don’t think I think it’s irrelevant because I probably invested little, I invested above 5 digits) I prefer to keep my money and give the project another opportunity to grow, and from there, recover my investments. Everyone is hot-headed and disappointed, it’s true, but we need to be rational because the Wonderland project has an incredible proposal, and there’s no denying it.

Sorry if some words or context are wrong, I’m from another country. I wish you all good health, think about it.


Yes Sir I agree with what your saying. I am down I would have loved to see the merger.


I agree, my vote will be to continue the project. The reality is the treasury is our asset, its what creates the value for the protocol currently. Those that sold on the sifu announcement were not educated enough on how this project works.

Now i want to see value transitioned from a treasury based value to token based value with the upcoming revenue share. This will put the value in each individual token and push the price up.

I am with you on this. I have been a holder since october, considered taking profit at the high point but decided not too, saw greater upside in holder through the vision. Im a long term “investor” not a trader. Wonderland is undervalued greatly.


exactly friends, what I can observe is that many want quick returns when the project proposal is the long term. The market and voting is being manipulated by the whales, who have greater voting power.

With that, I would like to address the basic rule about the investment world:

- Only invest what you can afford to lose.

I put my money into this project, I knew the risks well. Why not go to the end? this is clearly manipulation.

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I like what you’re saying but I’m starting to believe this was straight up scam. Like, airdrops are technically very simple to do. And they couldn’t do it. However an abracacadabra merge could happen in 3 days. Sifu said “by monday” I believe, meaning in 3-5 days time.

I am also a fan of keeping the Wonderland project alive. If not for the unfortunate Sifu incident, my faith was not shaken in this great DAO/project and I have had my funds in (and reinvested several times) since November. I don’t want to see it taken down as it has so much potential and I believe in Dani so much. I don’t believe in Dani’s blind faith in having convicted criminals running the treasury of course, but that is now water under the bridge. Let’s focus instead on FAIR alternatives to keeping this project going for those of us who still believe. With strong commitment and proper choices, this project can live on and prosper.

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