Website UI Mock-up

Hi people, I’ve been working on a mock-up of how I envision the website, addressing some of the biggest issues with it at the moment. There is talk of Sifu already working on a new version of the website, but I wanted to share my vision anyways.


  • Changed the background to a purple gradient, inspired from the tail of the cheshire cat

Side Menu

  • New icons that reflect the items better

  • Added Governance (where you can access the forum and vote on proposals) and Community (official social links and twitter feed)

  • Added space between the actual app and the more external features of the site

Dashboard page

  • Ordered overview of $Time and $wMemo separately

  • I think we need an clearer overview of the treasury (using graphs or pi-charts)

Stake & Mint pages

  • Contents are good, maybe add graphs for the price of $Time and $wMemo

Governance page

  • Added links/widgets to governance side of wonderland

  • Read the forum posts and RFC’s

  • Vote on the proposals if your wallet is connected

Community page

  • A Twitter feed of all our important mad hatters

  • The official links to our socials and forum sites

Please share your feedback, so we can have a discussion and finally have a clear vision when building the new site!


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Honestly, I prefer the other concept that was posted recently.

Thanks for sharing! It looks super nice actually, I was thinking about short term changes we can make for quick wins, but in the long term a total remake is probably a good idea.

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