Website UI overhaul

Greetings everyone,

Just wanted to know what the community thinks about updating the wonderland website UI. Olympus has an amazing UI, looks very professional. I’ve noticed some forks have almost the exact same UI as wonderland. Thoughts?



Website is being worked on to add more features like graph and metrics.

Not sure about the design. It has been discussed around the forum and opinions were kind of mixed.


As Nal mentioned, I’m fairly certain there’s some stuff in the works currently that should hopefully make the site look more professional. I would agree that the theme can be switched up a bit to look a bit sharper and more attractive. There was a snapshot vote at one point discussing this, but it’s since been closed and it doesn’t seem like we’re able to see the results unfortunately.


I wish I had more value to add, however I’m not a web designer… however I can appreciate an intuitive/unique web design optimized for both mobile /desktop application. I’m looking forward to future updates from the team

Hopefully something like an Apple web page every time they have a new phone released. :raised_hands::joy: