Whale Metrics vs Frogs

I’m trying to put together a novel formula for reducing whale manipulation and control over governance. I’m wondering if anybody has done the research and has a percentage of wallet holders that have the majority control over governance? I need to figure out this metric before I can solidify my formula to present in a RFC. Any help would be great. Thanks and cheers!

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Here is some of the stuff I saw during the last vote. Unsure how much help it can be for you, but might give an idea.

I got what you need bro: so the link here goes to snowtrace. Go to holders and it gives you a breakdown of address and quantity by Wmemo.

Great, thanks! That’s exactly what it was looking for.

This was so simple. I don’t know why I went so deep lol

@Igbw Keep in mind MEMO and TIME also have voting power. However, I’m thinking more whales are under wMEMO.

Yeah, I think everyone that’s a part of the voting block and active probably has wrapped memo.

All good glad i can help!


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