What happen with TIME?

Hi everyone. I have a question about TIME / MEMO. The site has changed, the option to buy TIME no longer appears, only wMEMO. Even the calculator - though not quite accurate but fun - is gone. The TIME price is no longer displayed. Will I lose my Times? What will happen? And What I suppost to do?


I suggest you listen to yesterday’s AMA. I’m sure you can find it somewhere one youtube it was a wMEMO AMA.

In short, you wont lose anything, you’ll just need to wrap and deal with wMEMO now instead of TIME.


So…withdraw what I have from TIME and staking wMEMO…right?


On the web site in the staking section there is a WRAP option. WRAP your TIME/MEMO and it becomes wMEMO.

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No. Hopefully you have MEMO and not TIME. Just go to the Wonderland website and wrap it (top right).

Yes…I have MEMO, not Time

Hi. Thanks for that.

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Done! Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

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I have some memo in staking process right now. If I buy some more wmemo, will it automatically add to my already existing balance?

Can I also still buy time token at traderjoe as it was before? I am a bit confused by all the changes.

Would appreciate some help.

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I am new here. I had the same issue as Avantgarde83. Do I have to wrapped my MEMO? Why? What if I don’t wrap my MEMO?

After wrapping my MEMO, can I still see the “Next Reward Amount”, “Next Reward Yield”, and “ROI (5-Day Rate)” on my Time staking page?

Can someone explain this? Thanks ahead.

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You can hold then seperatly or wrap/unwrap one of the other yes.

They will both get staking rewards in their own way.

@diulay you maybe only approve and need to do again to wrap.

I need to understand better how it works. I did the Wrap, but after a day, my MEMO amount stayed the same. Staking doesn’t seem to have happened. With TIME, the return in units is visible. How to understand this? Any documents anyone can point to?

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I think you only see it when you unwrap again since wmemo doesn’t stake, but the value increases over time…which is basically the same.

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Basically what @Avantgarde83 said.

Amount remains the same, but value increases. Look at the MEMO:wMEMO ration to see it increase.


Not working help!!!

read the red info at the bottom right… you need avax bro

you need at least 0.1 AVAX