What happened to my Staked Time/Memo

I staked maybe 1 or 2 time in November 2021. I understand that it then gets converted to Memo. I can still see my Memo balance in Metamask and the wonderland app website. However, Is it still earning interest? If not how do convert Memo into USDT or USDC if its still worth anything? I can’t seem to find any exchange that takes Memo.

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Time/memo has been deprecated since January, if you haven’t been farming since then first you have to wrap your memo by clicking wrap button on Wonderland

Click Max
Click Approve
Click Wrap where approve button was
Now that you have wMEMO you have 2 options

  1. Stake it on WL farm Wonderland
  2. Swap it for stables or other assets on KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates

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