What happens to diamond frogs?

Feeling like the long term holders of the project are losing out and the frogs are now being overlooked.

Anyone could of entered for the revenue share even if they only purchased wmemo last week.

Meaning that the liquidity from the loyal frogs that went into the bsgg investment is now going to whales and later investors.

I’m not expecting a 5x airdrop next week but surely something could be worked out over Time.


seems like there was no point to be a diamond frog…
I’m in the same position as you, I really don’t see any benefit for those that hold on during all the rubbish that happened here.

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Well now you know there’s no such thing as frog nation. Wonderland is just a normal farm now, probably always has been. We were just blinded by the hype of pulling people into crypto since last year. Diamond hand is just an illusion, eventually you have to do you and forget everyone else. Wonderland will not compensate you being a “diamond” whatever. Now that you know this, stop thinking like a priviledged person and start thinking about yourself, sell when you want to, exploit wonderland when you want to. This is the unspoken message Dani is telling us. Get this everyone. Dani and his team loves whales. They also dont givahoot about bots. So wonderland from now on will always be subject to manipulation by whales and bots. Knowing this, do what you need to do and stop thinking like a “community member” anymore, whatever that means.

If I want to look at what they have done here, the only positive I can see is, they can now “sell” wonderland again by saying “hey we didnt die and now we have farming feature, come and join us again”. What they wont say is “just join man, we wont protect you from whales or bots or whatever that can manipulate the price tho. We wont protect your investment by incentivizing locked staking or whatever. Just come and gamble”. That’s what they are saying.

All I want to do now is farm as much bsgg as I can manage to spend my time here, then when I can recoup my investment when betswap go live, I’m outta here.


From what I have seen you are not rewarded for going through the tough times. Just by continuing through thick and thin over time, you will come out ahead. Some people can be in the right place at the right time, and they will get a reward for that. As long as a project doesn’t fail, the long term holders will do well. Diamonds are made with intense pressure, fren.

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Giving away the previous round of frogs liquidity to new investors does not give the impression that one will get ahead without now finding a way of taking advantage of the protocol.

agreed, but there’s a big difference between YOU (personally) have a diamond hand and strategize for yourself, and you as part of the community strategizing together as a unit to join diamond hands together like the one hyped by the DAO initially a.k.a. frog nation BS.

I personally have diamond hands on the projects I believe in. Because the devs always explain how they will take care of my interest in seeing it through by providing many2 protocol level utilities and features like bots-banning, bad whales behaviour dis-incentives, locked staking to dis-incentivize intraday traders and incentivize long term holders, bla bla bla.

Wonderland has none of these. So I have to personally motivate myself to keep my diamond hand in wonderland. But since the incentive is not coming from the devs or the protocol itself, of course sooner or later I will part and focus on projects that incentivize long term holders.

Get it?

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must be hard being you bro…

*"Well now you know there’s no such thing as frog nation."*
  • This is just pure sensationalism equal to saying “France does not exist” or “Math teachers do not exist”
  • and it only serves as an off-putting intro to your outpouring of your own cynical depressive thoughts on an imaginary scapegoat while naming it frog nation…
*"We were just blinded by the hype of pulling people into crypto since last year."*

Yeah like there’s no such thing as $200+mm treasury & $600+mm mcap here, we were just blinded by illusionssss :joy: :joy:
BTC is a lie guyss its a scammmm :rofl: :rofl:

"hey we didnt die and now we have farming feature, come and join us again”
" Just come and gamble”
“Wonderland will not compensate you”"
“sooner or later I will part and focus on projects that incentivize long term holders.”

how is this all not considered typical fud, i don’t understand.
at this point, i’ve come across a few of your posts and actually can’t tell if you’re a plain old fud troll in disguise or just depressed af

you say sooner or later you will exit, but then I ask you, why are you still here? you must have some expectations beyond all of those if you still haven’t exited…

Get it?


Not hard “being me”. I see things clearly as they are. I’m not the typical moon boys.

Those things I wrote not a fud, probably a UD (uncertainty, doubt). During those times, did you see clearly what Dani is doing? I didnt. I dont have any fear because I didnt put up any kinda money that I worried losing.

Am I’m not depressed as well, I am find with my life, I love my real life job, my family. I’m frustrated that wonderland says it’s “community power” but nothing’s moving even tho tonnes of proposals has progressed. Again, at that time. Did you not notice at those times whatever were discussed, Dani still has the ultimate power or ultimate discretion to implement? what community power?

I’m still here because there are still things that I can milk from this dao like bsgg tokens and perhaps the cross the age token (which I dont see any of it, did we really bought in?) Of course I have expectations, everyone has expectation when you were told during the marketing of this dao. And as usual if wonderland turns out to be profitable again, I might stay as well, why not.

So, what is it that really confused you about my posts, bro?

It just sounds like you’re about to have me know you’ve graduated top of your class in the Navy Seals and trained in gorilla warfare… If only I could have known what unholy retribution my little clever “comment” was about to bring down upon me… :v:t6:

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