What if they they were really playing us?

I mean, they are lots of inconsistency on everything Dani says. He also is taking time from socials as well for other projects. The wind down proposal is very suspicious being put on right after the announcement about abra acquiring wonderland. Sifu’s vote is very suspicious too. Non one is saying anything. It’s kinda like they want to make it look like that the community decided to wind down and Dani and Sifu were against it. We don’t really know how many wallets with how much time they might be controlling. There’s never have been an audit. They could keep voting yes and make it seem a fair vote… don’t wanna fud … big fan long time!
What do you think?


I think that actually might be the case. Its been all talk and a lot of big promises. Ive lost my faith in it all.

Of course they were. Really, really good rug with lots of plausable deniability. I don’t think everything was planned exactly from the start, I think they made up some schemes as they went along. Like handing the treasury over to abra would have worked out really, really well for them. That enraged the community so much they resorted to this vote where they liqudate the whole treasury and pay everyone back at backing instead. This isn’t quite as good to them as handing over the treasury to abra but they still win because they have so much wmemo that they exit with massive amounts of the treasury still. Lots of these anonymous whale wallets voting yes obviously belong or are linked to Dani and Sifu.

As Dani says, he always has a plan A,B, C and D. It’s just these plans are for himself, not you.

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Some Dani cultists are STILL saying “if rug they’d just empty the treasury derp” but the fact is you don’t just straight up steal 700 million dollars. You need a scheme like this. Masterfully executed. Sifu / Omar has now screwed crypto hard, twice. Some people have literally been burned twice by him. The true master and biggest villain in crypto.


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