What is/are the plans post RQ?

What I am asking is what are/is the DEFINITIVE/CONCRETE action(s) after the Rage Quit option has been finalised and wMEMO is back trading and not just proposals of what could be done.

I just get the feeling those that setup this DAO just wants out and the now hollow Bastion echoing the faint chirps of scattered frogs fending their piece of puddle; not knowing the looming drought forthcoming. The TIME Bastion without caretakers?

WHO, WHAT, WHEN of TIME moving forward post Rage Quit?
What will happen to the 600k (and possibly higher) wMEMO?
Who will be in charge?
What will happen next?
When will such actions be committed?

I cannot seem to find anything relevant on this forum and it feels like everyone is chuckin’ a tanty (me inclusive) but not talking about moving forward?

Will there be a future for TIME?

I guess I’ll be another butter flamed grilled frogs leg.

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Dude this project is dead

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We work on proposals.
So if you don’t want proposals it"s kinda hard to answer your questions.

By 600k wMEMO I assume you meant TIME ? It will go to the treasury and it has been said it would be burned.

You ever thought of writing poetry? Your lyrics can compete with some of the best on Music Row, Nashville.

I can understand your thoughts. I got some little amount of TIME, and some money just waiting to get going further in this Wonderland adventure. Right now, I can imagine how the spelled prince felt, when he was in the well, waiting for the king’s daughter to get him out. Everything you say has a reverb, farsight is impossible. I’d like some clear plans on the way this DAO is going in the near future. A timeframe from now until the end of Q3 would suffice. That’s just a little more than 6 months.

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Thanks @NalX

What I mean is what proposals would actually be actioned as there is none about moving forward - its mainly about those wholes RQ and nothing else.

Thats great, so the 600k TIME (sorry I was looking at my wMEMO when typing) would be burned and in theory maintain the price - but the most important is who will be taking lead.

Has any of the existing founders confirmed they will continue?
Has any of the Proposals like Professor been confirmed?

I would love this project to be something, however his project is really feeling scattered and dead without Governance - a train without its driver and all its passengers in 1st class are jumping off. I cant clearly see whats happening from where I’m sitting?

I really dont want to be reading twitter/discord/other media to get all the news.

I see. Well, what’s in RFC is the most likely to go forward. However, some RFCs have not moved forward in the past, and I believe some of the current ones won’t either.

In my opinion, the treasury reporting one has a good chance to go forward given the protocol’s history.

Dani confirmed he still wants to be involved. I believe no later than this morning he said on Discord that he would handle the treasury until a new Treasury Manager can be found. This way we can move forward without sitting on hundreds of millions.

Sifu indicated he would start working on his own token $SIFU soon. Not much info on that if you are interested stay tuned I guess.

GeorgiyXO, as far as I know, is involved and still leading the devs. May or may not be part of the team that is in Ukraine. We were told they are all safe so far, but obviously might cause delays. Which is why the whitelist vote was extended.

The Professor hasn’t been around for a while as far as I know. So I wouldn’t put much faith in the current RFC.

The Wonderland 2.0 frogs have submitted a WIP for review around the same time as the rage quit was being reviewed. So that’s currently on hold. We’ll see how the team wants to handle the WIP given the size of the proposal (one big proposal vs voting on each sections vs not voting on it at all).

Liquid staking is still in the plans. The team is still there, just needs to be paid. Not that long ago they were doing a quick survey for a name.

BSGG & CTA are launching this year I believe. This should be some decent investment.

The potential for Wonderland is still there. I think if we survived all this stuff, and the community still voted to keep going, we should be able to pull this off.

As a bonus, here is an article that one of the Discord mods/volunteers wrote recently with some info that might interest you.


@NalX - I wish a post like THIS can be posted regularly advising what is potentially happening. It gives faith that there is purpose to this project post RQ. You should become the TIME Comms person - you are able to concisely convey key information without ambiguity and bias and little me thinks this is whats needed more.

@JFMLange - thank you, however no I have never thought about poetry. Just writing my mind :slight_smile: and I hope this little off topic thing may put a smile on 1 persons day:

I know I know I sound a heartless Drone;
With what is happening now although I do;
Wish and Pray for Peace not War;
I hope I do it all ends soon;
For I am against all War;

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Thanks, that’s why I lurk on the forums lol

That said, the main reason why I don’t post stuff like that regularly is because people think these are official stuff when they aren’t and the core team might go in a different direction.

I guess I’d have to find a way to make it super obvious that it’s not official info.

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And thats where we loop back to my original question - what is the direction the DAO will take?

Just because there is a WIP that has passed, doesnt mean that is the direction it will go. Similarly, if the WIP doesnt go according to plan, just raise another WIP and re-word it similar to the recent RQ.

I guess I can afford to hodl at what its worth – close my eyes and come back in 2 years :wink: Ill either lose everything or it will make money post RQ. Hoping its the latter.


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