What is the current situation at wonderland

Before we jump into one of the many proposals that are floating, would it make sense to figure out where we stand…baseline our position and then look for options to go forward…@danielesesta can confirm most of the points given below

  1. Break-up of treasury and break-up of investment is available on Wonderland. Are these numbers correct and verified.

  2. What is our current revenue? perday…per week…per month…per year

  3. What is the update on the betswap tokens that was supposed to be received? Lets have a firm deadline for the same. Dani can confirm the date

  4. What is the status of the liquid staking proposal? Is that still on?

  5. Who are the active core members of the team? Who are the holders of multisig…what are the details of multisig…

  6. What is the expenses of the team? how much is the outgo of WL per month?

  7. Are we planning on having dilutive MINTS? and STOP BUYBACK…

hope these cover some of the points where we can have better clarity on the current situation…Once there is clarity, then we can formulate steps of how to go forward…

Appreciate constructive feedback


great questions. These are the questions Id ask to the team


Agreed. Frogs All Make Informed Decisions (FAMID)

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Tbh, we should’ve demanded to know a lot of this information months ago. For example, in hindsight, it is outrageous that we thought nothing of Sifu managing treasury funds with his personal wallet. Or that devs could pay themselves from the treasury whenever they wanted because we still don’t know the team’s allocation or anything.

RFC: https://dao.wonderland.money/t/bastion-detailed-proposal-for-treasury-management/
Moving treasury keys from Dani & co. to any other will the hardest part for now - nearly impossible. Please let’s try it.

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