What's Next? Do we decide?

So I am simply here to stir the pot a bit and hopefully ruffle up some discourse as to the immediate future of this project. After all, loosely speaking, Wonderland is a DAO. Regardless of its political or economic nature. Lets back up a bit and look at things passionlessly from the current moment we are in.
The rage quit option, which I am still assuming is an overwhelming yes vote (haven’t looked in a few days), is still underway and at this point is quickly coming to an end. what’s next, the white list vote (honestly I cannot say I know exactly how it works or how it will work), which is an important 2nd step of fulfilling the rage quit proposal as it has been put forward. What’s next? implementing the rage quit and white listing quite literally, this will be the last and final step of this whole rage quit deal. I am sure it is up to powers beyond the dao as to how the rage quit and white listing will end up being implemented. and personally, I don’t mind that at all. I think it’s best left to those who came up with the idea in the first place to finish it.

But what then? from then what will our current state of affairs truly be? We will have a project with a massive following, impressive leadership, an active community/ a growing dao, and nearly 700-1bill sitting in a treasury that is waiting to be utilized in the most profitable and wholesome way imaginable. Many differ in opinion at this point as to what direction wonderland should go, faultlessly so. But my overwhelming point is, guys… we can do f**king anything with this amount of money as long as we don’t get greedy or in a hurry. the investments the treasury currently holds are very sound. As in, they do not need wonderland to move and match in order to to necessarily grow in value. We are invested in ecosystems and projects beyond ourselves and that is a very good and smart thing (shouts out to sifu for being smart).
But even with the luxury of holding a pretty optimistically appreciating treasury, we are still faced with the question of what do we need to change? what do we need to restructure? I am no IT dev or coder as many of you are, but I have worked in the fields of real-estate and commercial maintenance, and I believe this saying holds true to both… “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”…

So then the question I ask is what reallly needs to be changed? what needs to be fixed? what has this market crash and other recent scenarios taught us? Bad times and are a wise man’s best friend, he knows struggle encourages growth. Weakness suggests strength, just as the idea of “short” suggests the idea of “long”. I don’t have the answers for you all, I don’ t know the specific areas and avenues to address in order to suggest any true feasible way forward… but I do know how to go about searching for a way forward that is not immediately met by stalemate and silence…
This dao is very large and very impressive, there are many people here who are very smart and who can play the right role and contribute in the right way to help things move forward, up, and beyond. but what is necessary is understanding the current state of affairs, knowing the things we can and cannot control, and planning and spending your energy in the right way to make a meaningful difference in the direction of this project.

The whales don’t own us. We own them. They bought this dao and they can sell or buy more, hodl or day trade, scam and rugpull, to whatever is their hearts content. that will not effect those who are here to see wonderland thrive and grow in the long term. We do not care about the money. We care about the project, we care about each other. And that alone makes us worth more than any amount of $ any ledger or account can hold.

I keep laughing to myself when I see price action talk and fud and conspiracy because I know it is a small minded game. there is much more to consider when you think about how everything has somehow arrived at the point it is now… for crying out loud, the world’s traditional financial institutions and organizations are chasing our tail as if we have discovered paint and canvas for the first time and history… lets paint a picture worthy of the occasion?

Are we to let others decide our fate for us or do we want to be the one’s who pave the way?

I’m very interested in the direction the project will take, because I’m on the fence about taking the RQ option to leave. A lot will depend on what I believe about the future. Snowbank implemented a rage quit for the same reasons as we are contemplating. I had no faith in that project and I got out. They lasted 2 more months and are now shutting down, and those who stayed are getting settled at half the RQ number.

If I read the proposal right, the RQ payments will come from the treasury, so we won’t have anywhere near $700M afterwards. One of the data points I really want is what the leftovers will add up to (BSGG is not included as it’s too new to be liquid). If we have like $100M or less left, I don’t see how we can recover to anything like earlier levels, and fear we would go the way of Snowbank.

Yes, thats an important thought about how much will be left in treasury after the RQ. Assuming all that voted to quit and their bags are known, is there a way to calculate?

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