When does Q3 2022 redemption voting starts? How does one vote?

I saw the announcement but it’s not clear at all when the voting will be open or exactly how one votes to be put on the whitelist. Will there be a link to vote or do you just reply to the post?


Yes we will put up an announcement for holders to whitelist their wallet for redemption, snapshot be live in 24h.


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Hi, is this a legitimate support link? https://wonderland.wnder.xyz/
Some person dm me and tell me to go there and click chat for support. Seems like a scam.


Its not. Thanks for reporting.

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That’s a phishing link ser, do not click it, only URL for Wonderland is www.wonderland.money any other than that are scam.

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How do we add our name to redeem our funds? Is this is what is occuring? Do we notify that we want to redeem our money?

Snapshot you whitelist your wallet here and we will announce again when redemption goes live.

I missed the Q3 voting. When will the next voting be to be whitelisted for Q4 redemption?

Should be about 9 days prior to January 1st. That said, market price is pretty close to redemption if you are looking to sell.

How do I sell? It’s not letting me unstake.

Unstake your wMEMO and sell at KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates

Make sure you have enough AVAX for gas fees

Did you mean from the farm ? If so, you can follow the steps provided by @AimerJerryboa.

If you meant unstake your wMEMO into MEMO, no need for that anymore. Sell wMEMO directly on Kyberswap.

Are you able to explain to me exactly what I need to do to sell my wMemo and place back the AVAX into Coinspot?

1st step go to Kyber KyberSwap - Swap and earn tokens at the best rates
2nd step click avax in your wallet and send it to your coinspot wallet

Note that if you are farming with your wMEMO you have to unstake it from the farm first before you can swap at Kyber

I went to Kyberswap to do the swap and it has come up with insufficient funds to complete the trade. Is that insufficient funds on Wonderland side of things?

That usually means you don’t have enough AVAX to pay for the transaction fees. (If you see your wMEMO balance on Kyber)

0.1 AVAX should be enough to cover a few transactions.