When will we be able to take what's left from our investment at backing price?

So, i’ve heard that those who choose to get the investment back (or whats left of it) at the backing price will be able to.

When will this happen?

Can someone with knowledge please answer. Its so much info everywhere and nobody has definitive answers or dates for that matter.


Exactly, ONE official announcement on the website please! Not here and / or Twitter and / or Discord, etc.

Has anybody yet mentioned bad communications today? I know it was mentioned yesterday and the day before and…

I just don’t understand how people can get behind something that’s just words.
No actual facts were done since the inception of this project.

Now, all i want is the opportunity to get back as much of my funds at the backing price as promised.

I just want this word to become the first FACT of this whole thing.

I just don’t understand what’s wrong with people. None care about facts around here, its like i’m in a Twilight Zone episode.


Yeah whenever you want.

It’s called selling.

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Yeah, people like you, who drink Dany’s Kool-Aid should not answer.

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And how much have you personally invested here? Some voting today on Snapshot had only US$0.40!

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They keep ignoring people with this issue.

Today’s AMA was a useful as a feather on a scale.

This issue was not addressed properly and almost half of the community is ASKING for it.

Dani said include it in a proposal, you will get the chance eventually.

this hasnt been decided.

almost half? have you done a survey?

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