Where's the burned Wmemo and Time from the supply after rage quit?

We need to keep accounts in order.Danielle please post the followings
Wmemo burned from the treasury after rage quit
And the equivalent of Time tokens burned as well.
Please explain your next steps we need an AMA ASAP

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It’s already burned. If you look at the rage quit transactions, the wMEMO was sent to a null address.

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Lol :joy::rofl: is like 51 USD and like 0.001 Wmemo really that’s all Wmemo burned?

After rage quit Wmemo and Time tanking -25% in like 1 day Lmao :joy: because we didn’t pay the moderators

That’s one transaction… Around 5639 wMEMO was burned in total.

Then make sure to vote to pay them so the price can go back up :slight_smile:


I am very happy that I have burned so much. What is the total amount of WMEMO now?

wMEMO = 3700 wMEMO
(added 100 wMEMO to account for non-wonderland owned wMEMO on FTM + other chains)

MEMO = 2600 wMEMO
Total = 6350 wMEMO

Calculated by tikkamasalas on Discord a few days ago.

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Thank you! I am hopeful for the future !


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