Which project concepts must Wonderland invest in?

Where do the Mafia keep their money? How does money flow in the Mafia?
The answer is: By keeping it in the family.

I have realized that many in the Frog Nation have been making proposals lately. Most of the proposals are models and concepts of other Defi platforms like DeFi Kingdom, Strong nodes, Tomb finance etc. Obviously there are frogs who diversify into other projects, but you remain a frog at heart. So rather than moving to your other favorite projects. Lets keep the money in the Frog Nation by having those concepts funded by Wonderland.

The projects will run independently from Wonderland. Just like Cross the Ages and Betswap. Just like any other project we have our funds in. All Wonderland does is provide startup liquidity and get seed round investment. Proven concepts with frog nation behind them can quickly boost treasury and wMEMO price. Other seed investments like Betwsap and Cross the Ages can find time to develop while proven concepts sustain treasury.

So we run a fund specifically for funding these type of forks. Standard vetting processes will apply. Teams running these forks must be independent from Wonderland. We provide startup liquidity and in return of favorable entry price. Developers around the world can apply for this fund. Criteria would be the fork should be for a original project which as more than 100 million market cap.

Option 1: Lets try it with a Tomb Finance fork first.
Option 2: Lets try it with a Defi Kingdoms fork first.
Option 3: Do Nothing

So which projects would you like to fork and fund other that the ones I mentioned.


This is the best idea ever. Just imagine we have a Defi Kingdoms fork on Fantom network seed funded by Wonderland. That will increase our treasury so much. Our backing price woul


This is a great idea DeFi_Junkie. We’d be investing in things that are already proven models and we’d be able to support their success by incorporating them into the ecosystem

LeS flashnode est un marché d avenir

  1. Tomb finance is the mother, very strong project with very strong team…if you are looking for a fork, 2omb.finance is also very good, maybe the only one fork that not crash on tomb fork war

  2. defi kingdom is also like tomb finance

I suggest also robovault and hundred finance on fantom

Whats the symbol for robovault

amazing idea! totally for this. i hope the team takes notice. FROG NATION!

Token is Air dropped in a few day

Appreciate the write-up! This is what Wonderland should be all about!

Tomb Finance is the clear choice for me.

ALTHOUGH, I have one concern: Let’s not cannibalize other parts of our existing Frog Nation ecosystem with any new project proposals. That should really be a top priority.

Thanks, Junkie

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We wont cannibalize. Any new project falls under our treasury and increases backing price. Which will increase price of wMEMO. Plus the profit share will be better. Its the same with our seed investments. Frogs are bound to buy those tokens. Like with $SPELL, $ICE, $SUSHI. Its an ecosystem.

I agree this proposal!

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