Who can vote on the DAO?

So I just voted to keep Sifu as the treasurer. But I’m surprised! This website doesn’t know I’m the holder of TIME tokens. All it knows is I’m the owner of a discord account. What’s stopping anyone from creating a million discord accounts and voting for their own purpose? Or a million people voting randomly? I’d assumed this forum would need you to plug your wallet in to verify you’re holding MEMO before you can vote.

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This is currently just a RFC, so everybody in the forum can voice his/her conerns/opinion. Offiical votes will be done as [WIP] on snapshot, so only holders can vote.


And even then I think you need 100 time tokens in order to be able to vote

The article about [WIP] doesn’t mention a limit:

The 100 limit was to propose something on Snapshot. No limit for votes.