Who wants AMA with Dani before voting on any Proposal?

Who wants to hear Dani speak in an AMA candidly about his opinions, the pro and cons, of the current Rage Quit proposals and other possible options before voting on any Proposal?



Would definitely appreciate it

Me too, I also appreciate people wanting to move forward but Everyone who is staying is a believer in Dani . This is his promise we are attempting to fulfill yet he has given us very little guidance in how to handle it.

If the people staying are staying because of Dani it makes sense to hear out his candid opinions of what the outcome of proposed Rage Quit options are and if he is honestly excited about the options as better than what he would have come up with.

There was a FUD attack on Wonderland and the worst part has been Dani not speaking up more and believing we don’t want him to speak up more.

The heart of the community still wants to beat alongside an authentic and bold Dani that speaks his truth.

As an FYI, AMAs in regards to the current proposals, potentially involving Dani, has been raised with the moderation team to look into.

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AMA would be helpful. Agree!

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