Why did the treasury drop $400k at 16:34 GMT today?

Was this just redeploying the treasury? The treasury dropped from over $500 million to $144 million on coingecko.

Was that just the treasury being redeployed or did people get out of the project in large numbers?

Cant really trust coin gecko on anything Wonderland related tbh. Treasury is over 800mil.


BTW, is it worth buying in by bonding with MIM? 6.6% discount, but what does the same time pay in APY? Plus, the price could have fallen 6.6% by the time I get the TIME.

I think the general rule is the discount % + 50% of the staking 5 day ROI to see if its worth it.

However, I believe this means you need to claim and stake before each rebase for 5 days.

You price will be locked once you mint, so during uncertain times like right now, might be better to just DCA.

Obviously not financial advise :slight_smile:


Did we figure out why the market cap as given on Coin gecko dropped by 80% in the last day or so?

If it is wrong, we probable want to change it because a lot of people look at this list of rebase tokens. That is how I found TIME in the first place.

Wonderland has dropped way down the rankings due to this market cap drop.


The team has contacted CoinGecko and CMC multiple time. If they don’t fix it, nothing we can do. Wonderland.money is the official source for information.

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It’s best to look directly onchain for the actual numbers:

Wonderland’s Documentation points to this link for the treasury contract.

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