Will there be a place for holders of TIME to pitch their Projects for funding?

So yea Question above. Could we as holders of time have access to the investment money. If the community likes the proposal? Is there a path for this currently?
We have a platform that we are currently pitching for start up capital. It would be amazing to have it reviewed a potentially funded by this a amazing platform.

I don’t think so wonderland is not a bank looking to give out loans if you really want to get investment from wonderland then you should build your idea and if it’s something that benefits everyone I’m sure they or someone else will reach out to you

If you have a solid enough proposal/plan it could always be done through here.


like @NalX said. this is the spot, if you have the level of detail for a proposal. I would check out the liquid staking proposal for an example of what a clear concise proposal would have. try not to sound vague or as if you’re just talking: add substance and tangible monetary examples of initial capital, what its for, why and ROI, the splits between wonderland/devs/timeholders with timelines and back out options. Much luck to you pitching us some good ideas! i really hope to hear some good ones!