[WIP #1] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu

[WIP #1] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu

Sifu has continuously used his experience and expertise to push the protocol forward, grow the treasury and craft plans to increase the longevity of the protocol. This proposal is an opportunity for the community to decide whether Sifu should continue to incorporate his ideas and vision of Wonderland and manage the treasury with oversight of the multisig or if Sifu should be replaced.

Link to previous [DAO Discussion] and [RFC] thread:
[DAO Discussion] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu
[RFC] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu

Allow the DAO to make the decision if treasury management needs to be changed.

Provide a High Level Overview:
The treasury is the foundation of Wonderland and with its nearly $2B USD valuation it becomes a powerful tool to benefit from DeFi opportunities, acquisitions, product launches and liquidity provisioning.
Sifu has been extremely professional and competent in guiding the protocol and managing the treasury.
By continuing to give Sifu full autonomy over changes to code and treasury management, the long term roadmap and the strategy around the treasury remains intact.

Provide Low Level Details:
Sifu is the co founder of Wonderland and has played a significant role in growing the community, protocol and treasury. With the oversight of the multisig, Sifu was able to persistently identify high value stablecoin farms throughout the ecosystem. Recent decisions on switching TIME/AVAX pairs to TIME/MIM has helped secure profits as well as continue to keep liquidity for the TIME pair high. Additionally, Sifu has managed to lock voting power for the recent CVX purchase at more than double the APR that everyone else would be receiving, working hand in hand with the overall stablecoin farming strategy.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Keeping Sifu maintains the status quo and no changes need to be made.
If a replacement is desired, a transitory period needs to be announced which focuses on obtaining new candidates for the community to vote on.

Link to Snapshot poll for the proposal:

[WIP #1] Snapshot Vote


Easiest vote ever, Sifu will continue to do awesome work!


Why give control to someone who is not also a founder. A no brainer to keep @Sifu at the helm


I agree with the proposal and I will vote “yes” to keep Sifu as treasurer.

His skills have been proven lots of time and I believe we can count on his knowledge and capabilities even more.


Yes sifu has to continue doing it , he does a perfect job!


Great work! Can’t wait to see how Sifu’s decisions brings us to 2-4 billion treasury when overwhelming bull-market finally comes into play! :100:


It’s great that I received a twitter notification for the vote :+1:


Long live Sifu and Danny!!


Have full faith in Sifu decision making. One concern (or perhaps ignorant question) I have is there a team doing checks and balances here to ensure continued responsible management of the treasury. A “buck stops here” leader that can execute quickly is needed in this space vs slow 51% majority vote but leaders with such power should always have checks/balances. This is not a vote of no confidence in Sifu but a discussion of how leadership manages the treasury regardless of who is managing.


Keep it as is… All in favor


Its a yes from me. Sifu has done an exceptional job…


Of course we need to keep a founder as treasury management, go @Sifu !


(:tophat:,:tophat:) for Sifu. thank you for your hard work!


totally agree, great point! :alien: :alien: :alien:


My vote is absolutely Yes for Sifu! Keep up the good work. Cannot wait to see what the future brings with Wonderland for all of us. Exciting TIMEs ahead!


I vote YES for Sifu to maintain and improve Time Treasury.


Hell yes, those who kept FUDing should just sell their position and left.


Now we cannot withdraw treasury, which means it stays forever, it means TIME is not backed by that as you cannot get it back.

so finally TIME will be hyper inflated as I can see price action now.

Why do you think it is backed although it is not withdrawable?

Yay yeay!
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Seriously keep it coming. Good stuff.

What are you on about? People can unstake and sell whenever they want it’s not like taking the treasury with them was ever part of the deal to begin with. Sifu is a great manager and is far more skilled than 99% of the frog nation we realize this we voted to let him call the shots. If your going to say something completely off base at least try to make it sound like you know what you talking about ser