[WIP #12] - MOD Compensation Amendment


This proposal is to amend the terms of the MOD Team compensation from the previous MOD Team compensation proposal passed in March.

Link to Previous Discussions:

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To pay the MOD Team 75,000 USDC as an incentive compensation and for work done prior to the original compensation proposal was implemented.

To schedule a pre-payment of 150,000 USDC for work that will be done from July 15th to January 15th, 2023. This is not a change in the payments themselves, but the scheduling of a one lump payment to be made if this WIP passes.

Provide a High Level Overview:

Despite the hurdles faced internally and horrific market conditions externally, I believe that they have been able to keep conditions here healthy enough to keep the project intact. I believe that they should be compensated beyond the contract - especially also in light that they had begun work in earnest in January.

For this, I firmly believe as a retroactive and incentive compensation the MOD team should receive 75,000 USDC to be distributed by Alice as judged appropriate.

Looking forward, the team has significant work ahead and Wonderland depends on this. However, given the market conditions and overall global conditions for crypto - that a peace of mind is necessary and propose to pre-fund Mod pay for 6 months and held by Alice and payments from this would be at Alice’s discretion.

Note that this payment will not affect the redemption level for Q2 2022.

Further, in the case that Wonderland is wound down prior to January 15th, 2023 then Alice will return the remaining funds less amount owed to the team for the work done but not yet paid.

Provide Low Level Details:

If the proposal is passed, Wonderland will send USDC of the amount of 225,000 USDC to the Mod Avax Address.

From August 15th to January 15th, 2023, no more monthly payments will be made as the 150,000 USDC pre-fund was sent.

July 15th payment schedule in MIM 25,000 will not be affected and paid accordingly.


Yes, compensate them!


I would love to get some help now so…Yes!
And I trust Alice )

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WIP Party in Wonderland! Everything for our mods! :heart: :love_you_gesture:t2:


I think prepaying someone for work to be done is the worst thing ever. If you’ve already been payed for a job, it can significantly reduce your productivity towards your tasks. Payment is a reward system for work already completed. Please do not prepay!


@Tye We may not have a TM for a few months, anything is possible. I think this is more of a prepare for the worst case scenario WIP to ensure team members continue to get paid going forward. It would be like your boss going on vacation and not leaving anybody to sign the checks while he was gone.


approved - mods are always helpful

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Yes. :heart: I am in favor.


The pay is being distribute monthly as usual, there’s no advancement of any kind, the only difference is the sum will be sitting in the ledger and our senior mod will distribute it monthly.


It’s ok to get paid, but I am against prepay.

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Agreed, our mods should be compensated for all their time and efforts. Approved by me. :blush:

Yes compensate, monthly

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I say YES!

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We have multisig let’s not pretend that doesn’t exist. You are implying there’s no trust in dani doing it. What message does that send to community?
All this soft pedaling is almost funny.

Not overly keen on the prepayment as per other comments below, but for works completed, of course they need to be compensated.

Absolutely yes on the back pay promised but never executed. Absolutely no on the prepay concept. I’m not aware of any job that pays you 6 months in advance for work not done. I’m not suggesting they wouldn’t do the work, that’s on Alice, but there may not be work to do for 6 months. This whole project could fold before that time frame even takes place. Not a statement of gloom and doom, just market conditions, another period of minimal leadership, voting merry-go-round and minimal focus on actually generating a return.

@Nwcjackychan, @jase, @krazy.no.two.hats

To clarify, and I realise the WIP says “pre-payment”, but the mods won’t actually receive 6 months of pay in advance. “pre-allocating” may have been a better choice of word.

The amount will be sent to the “distribution wallet”, but each of us will still be paid on a monthly basis.


anything is possible, including WL folding before 6 months has passed. Those funds might need to be redistributed to the investors


So we’re allowing redemptions, prepaying mods, burning WMEMO, “compensating” Sifu (buying $25m worth of SV) whilst making the DAO more “responsible” for investment decisions going forward (provides plausible deniability). Are we winding down/exiting the fund in say…1 month’s time?


Prepayment sends a wrong message to the community. It looks like we will fail to exist in 6 months - everyone will be wiped out but the mods will get paid even if they fail to produce.

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