[WIP #16] - Appoint Wonderland's New Treasury Manager

[WIP #16] - Appoint Wonderland’s New Treasury Manager


This Wonderland Improvement Proposal (WIP) will list the final version of the each applicant’s proposal for the Treasury Manager ™ position.


Give the opportunity for the community to review the final version of the applicants’ proposal in order to give the DAO the opportunity to decide if they want to move forward with the a candidate or not.

Link to previous discussions:

“[DAO Discussion] Call Letter - Wonderland Treasury Manager”
“[RFC] - Appoint Wonderland’s New Treasury Manager”

Provide a High Level Overview:

Each application will be linked below and locked to ensure no more modifications are completed.

WTM - yieldchad

WTM - z0li

For more details, you can also listen to the recent AMA with both candidates:
AMA - WTM Candidates

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

A Snapshot vote will be created with an option for each candidate and an option for neither of them.

Link to Snapshot:


  • Appoint yieldchad as Treasury Manager
  • Appoint z0li as Treasury Manager
  • Make no change

Once the vote has concluded, the successful TM (if there is one), will be doxxed to the team. Should there be no concerns, the applicant will be able to begin as elected TM. If concerns are identified that would prevent the appointment of the TM, a gist of the information will be presented to the community and a new process will be required.


Let’s get the ball rolling - every day that passes without a TM is a wasted opportunity to make money for wMEMO holders.


Must move timely so take advantage of market conditions as they arise and not have a gap in TM and multisig.


Looking forward to your comments, everyone - and if elected, looking forward to working together.


With such a large vote for “somebody else”, we should explore that option for the community before moving forward

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Only 18%, compared to 72% in favour of @yieldchad. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that’s “such a large vote”, with 18% of 69 total votes being 12 people.

The sooner this goes to WIP, the better. Let’s move forward. If the community then decides to vote against yieldchad, THEN we can explore the option for the community. Otherwise we two steps forward, one step back on this one ser.

To snapshot I say!


Snapshot has the option to make no changes. If the 18% “somebody else” outweight in the vote we will explore that option, ofc. But the vote was far away from being close enough to justify a delay and wait for more options.


No I agree. Let’s proceed for the sake of the protocol not melting in place


Voting is now live for WIP #16!

[WIP #16] Appoint Wonderland’s New Treasury Manager

Please be sure to cast your vote!

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Hello Wonderland!

Voting has now concluded for WIP 16 - Appoint Wonderland’s New Treasury Manager. YieldChad has won the vote with over 99% of votes in favor!

:warning: Yieldchad recently received legal counsel from his lawyers about the significant liability concerns in DeFi.

With this in mind, he and the Wonderland Team agree an advisory role to the treasury would be more suitable at this time. Thus Yieldchad will soon be submitting a proposal to serve in the role of “Treasury Advisor” to work in conjunction with the Team and multisig with the procedures established in WIP 15. This includes submission and review of strategies and ideas. Please stay tuned for more details when his proposal is submitted!

View voting results here:

WIP 15 Procedures: